Picture of external antenna for the acer revo
 i have had my revo for about 6 months now and its wifi signol is always at low/very low.
this instructable is easy and requires very little skill and no soldering.

Step 1: Things you need

Picture of things you need
 going clockwise all the tools you need.
wera esd screwdrivers(any old screwdrivers will do)
a drill or brace.
an antenna
the wifi pigtail lead(can buy of ebay for about a pound i got free shipping from china
lemonie5 years ago
You need to re-load the images. I'd advise you resize to 800x600 and save as .jpg (without the square brackets)

thewarp16 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
 thank you i made the changes and i hope this is a good attempt at my first instructable
Yeah I can see it now. The original thing was poor but you fixed it - out of general interest where did you get your new aerial?