i have had my revo for about 6 months now and its wifi signol is always at low/very low.
this instructable is easy and requires very little skill and no soldering.

Step 2: The start

just a small note:
i am by no means telling you to do this.
this may damage your pc.
invalidate your warranty.
may curs injury to yourself.
wear all protective equipment.
be trained and competent with all tools used.
i am not responsible for any of the above happening to you or anyone else.

start by drilling a hole through the case just big enough for the screw end of the pigtail lead to go into.

Step 4: And your done

 fix the back of the revo into place(you may need to cut some of the inside out a little to get the back back on.

tighten the screw end with a pair of pliers.
and your done like it or not.
it did only cost me 1.58p and an old router antenna i had.

please comment this is my first instructable
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