Introduction: Extra Flavor Ramen Noodles

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just ramen noodles with extra flavor

Step 1: Ingredients

you will need:green onions, cabage, and any other vegtables you would like like tomatoes, a package of ramen noodles you can stop here if ure vegitarian if not u can add chicken strips, bacon ect. And at the very end u can add honey garlic sauce, soy sauce ect.

Step 2: Makeing

1.cook the ramen noodles with flavoring as usual
2.chop up any vegtables mentioned in ingredients and any you might want into small pieces throw into cooked noodles and add soy sauce and any other you want if ure vegiterien stop here and stir.
3.if not vegiterian add chicken strips bacon ect. and stir.

Step 3: Eat



Mario2007 (author)2014-09-04

This instructable, feels like such a lazy attempt at an instructable.

ashleaf (author)2014-09-03

Nice but you need more pictures :P

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