Extream Stilts


Introduction: Extream Stilts

extream stilts is a sport i made up a few weeks ago. i was messing with stilts and thought, "hey, why cant i do jumps and what not like when i am on my unicycle?" so i jumped off of a 1 foot object and it was easy. so i started doing diffrent things.

Step 1: Things You Need

you wil need some aluminum stilts. you want ones that do not go very high up, i foot at the most.
a helmet, you do not want to hurt yourself.

Step 2: Tricks

i am not very good yet but i have come up with some tricks that could be done.

1. grinding.what you half to do is jump up to a grind box or something like that but it must be low to the ground, but the thing that you put your foot on onto the rail. then you wil grind down.

2. stairs, go up and down stairs on the stilts.

3. jump of the top of the picnic table and do a 180 in the air, i can even do that.

Step 3: Thats All

so there you have it, extream stilts. i hope you enjoy it. update me on how good you get!



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    It would make this instructable better by explaining how to make your own set of stilts, instead of just instructing them to go buy a pair that can be $100 or more...

    14 replies

    that link was so helpfull thanks a mill

    Agreed - we don't actually seem to have any full ibles on stilt-making here...!

    Hmm, is that a challenge?

    I bet I could make a pair out of some crutches.

    Bumpus, you may take it as such. Masterochicken, you too.

    I take it so too! I might find the time, wood and leather, and make an 'ible.

    That what im doing today, just wooden ones, im gonna make a test pair, then make an ible.

    Uh, theres the procrastionation i have.... i need more wood... lol. Ill do it when i get to lowes, stupid USA laws, 12 YEAR OLD CAN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    But most 12 year old's don't have the maturity to drive, nor the initiative...

    I agree, MOST dont and i am the other, say 5% partly, most kids in my skewl say "I know huh to drive, cuz i play forza motorsports all day durka durrrr"

    thats the maturity thing coming into play. try and stay o.t. for the sake of the instructable.

    There's actually a plan for a set of stilts in Kitewife's Craft magazine (August issue).

    Not meaning to burst your bubble in any way... but search 'Powerizers' on youtube, and check the videos of what comes up... I think you've been beaten to the challenge mate.

    i cant post photos right now because my friend droped my camera in my pool. i will get photos as soon as possible.

    how about pictures of your own?