extream stilts is a sport i made up a few weeks ago. i was messing with stilts and thought, "hey, why cant i do jumps and what not like when i am on my unicycle?" so i jumped off of a 1 foot object and it was easy. so i started doing diffrent things.

Step 1: Things You Need

you wil need some aluminum stilts. you want ones that do not go very high up, i foot at the most.
a helmet, you do not want to hurt yourself.

i will try this!!!
It would make this instructable better by explaining how to make your own set of stilts, instead of just instructing them to go buy a pair that can be $100 or more...
I've been meaning to make stilts for the longest time. These plans that I came across are my latest inspiration. Maybe I'll document the building process when I finally get around to it and post an instructable...<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/25eme/includes/pdf/StiltsManuguide.pdf">http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/25eme/includes/pdf/StiltsManuguide.pdf</a><br/>
that link was so helpfull thanks a mill<br />
Agreed - we don't actually seem to have any full ibles on stilt-making here...!
Hmm, is that a challenge?
I bet I could make a pair out of some crutches.
Bumpus, you may take it as such. Masterochicken, you too.
I take it so too! I might find the time, wood and leather, and make an 'ible.
That what im doing today, just wooden ones, im gonna make a test pair, then make an ible.
Uh, theres the procrastionation i have.... i need more wood... lol. Ill do it when i get to lowes, stupid USA laws, 12 YEAR OLD CAN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!
But most 12 year old's don't have the maturity to drive, nor the initiative...
I agree, MOST dont and i am the other, say 5% partly, most kids in my skewl say "I know huh to drive, cuz i play forza motorsports all day durka durrrr"
thats the maturity thing coming into play. try and stay o.t. for the sake of the instructable.
There's actually a plan for a set of stilts in Kitewife's Craft magazine (August issue).
I want some 4 foot stilts.
Not meaning to burst your bubble in any way... but search 'Powerizers' on youtube, and check the videos of what comes up... I think you've been beaten to the challenge mate.
i cant post photos right now because my friend droped my camera in my pool. i will get photos as soon as possible.
how about pictures of your own?
I need to either make or get some stilts. any idea how much a cheaper pair would cost?

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