Extreme Builder's 12 Shot Knex Gun





Introduction: Extreme Builder's 12 Shot Knex Gun

hey everyone this is my new knex gun. it doesn't look like much but i have been working on this gun for about 4 months now perfecting it and working out the bugs. its a great sturdy gun with good power about 50 feet. it uses the same rail design as The Jamalam but i still came up with it it just happens we used the same thing. it has never jammed for me but sometimes it does shoot two at once. it feels great in ur hands i like the look of it. anyways enough said why don't you guys give it a shot

sorry its alittle dark

hey everyone,
check out my youtube page

Step 1: Handle

same handle as my other guns i like it alot

Step 2: Magazine

this is my favorite thing about the gun this is the best mag i have ever used or seen black y connectors at the bottom so rods can't fall out and not ram needed!! =]

Step 3: Trigger

good trigger sorry about that blue piece some people might not have it so u could probably use a different piece

Step 4: Stock/butt

now i like this stock idk i like the look and feel of it alot and it supports the ram as a rail and the end of the stock moves alittle to form more to ur shoulder

Step 5: Barrel

pretty simple but works great

Step 6: Top


Step 7: End Barrel/mag

now this is the most important part of the gun this is where the blur rod is stopped so the ram could hit

Step 8: Body/frame of the Gun

not to hard i think u guys will know whats going on

Step 9: Ram

if u are lost on this then u should not be building knex lol

Step 10: Put It All Together

this might get alittle hard sorry about that but if u have any questions ill be happy to answer them

Step 11: Add the Rubberbands

just do exactly what the pictures show



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    168 Discussions

    for step 3 what can you use instead of the blue piece

    hi it's a cool gun and I made it but when I loading it and shoot it then the blue rods stuck in the gun.
    do you know a solution.
    cool gun again 5 / 5

    no matter coz i got millions of blues

    I RAN OUT HALF WAY THROUGH THE BARREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please post a foto from how to put on the yellow connector

    hmmm.... very cool handel

    what do u do here. :)

    this gun sucks its so hard to connect dont build it!

    how do u connect it to yellow which way plz reply

    i built mine just like i was supposed to but the only broblem is that the blue rods in the mag bunch up from the magazine and it doesnt shoot. I kinda fixed that but thenthe rubber band pushes the first rod one space too high and it doesn't shoot. Could u help me plz.

    nevermind. i found out how it all works hahahaha

    you don't have grey rods? What pieces DO you have?