hey everyone its me again and this is my new and updated knex sidearm. Its a brand new design and works great. I like the handle more then any other knex gun handle iv felt. Anyways its a great gun with good power 30 feet average and up to around 50 feet. It has a 5 shot mag and has never jammed. Dont be afraid to put ALOT of rubber bands on the pusher. I'll stop talking and you guys start building.

new design
good power
easy to use
mag never jams
slot in the handle for mag pusher
strong frame so load up those rubber bands

complicating for a hand gun
uses a good amount of pieces
uses some of the rarer pieces
trigger isnt far back so reduces power

please rate and comment

hey everyone,
check out my youtube page

Step 1: Handle

here it is

Step 2: Body

easy enough

Step 3: Mag Part

almost done

Step 4: Trigger

very easy

Step 5: Ram

soo close

Step 6: Adding Little Stuff

two more steps

Step 7: Add Rubber Bands

last one
It looks great!
I made this gun, and it's ok. The only problem I have with it, is that when I use the mag, (shooting grey clips) the ram shoots the front wall of the mag (the orange connector, green rod, and ball socket) with the grey clip. So I don't use the mag. Instead, I put a blue rod in the barrel and shoot that, and it works just as fine. Overall, this gun is awesome, because of how powerful it is.
Alright, I found a fix so I actually can use the mag. I switched the front ball socket with a blue clip, so there is a little more space for the grey connector. Now I can use it the right way! XD
Lol after step 3 I ran out of Y-Clips
OMG that looks like the usp.45 from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2!
i cant get it on the trigger i mean
do you need the bendy bits? <br>
the cat is sooo cute whats his/her name????????
Wow i love this gun :D fires brilliantly and i love the mini-recoil 5*
lol cat xD
it brock <br> <br>
very very very good <br>thanks
nice hair
wow!!! works great i just about to have a war bets i gonna win with this
about haw many pieces does it take to build
nice also kity cat on your bed
Nice gun I making one right now
fell to bits
Now all you have to do is put the trigger from the ZLG on it.
&nbsp;oh my, its falls to pieces and dont even say i made it wrong, ive made it 3 times
could you do a piece count if possible so i know how&nbsp;much to order please??????!!!!!!!!!
dont matter i got it<br />
how the hell do u get the triigger on<br />
<strong>good </strong>gun<br /> <br /> im making it now<br />
does it have sights
hey, it looks like a american sidearm usp 45. really nice im going to try to build it with the peices i have<br />
lol it does<br />
jij bent een verekte mongool hij heeft gelijk
nice gun i&quot;m makin one&nbsp; now
Hey man-<br /> I built your 12 shot knex gun but didnt really like it but i still thought it was a great gun because-<br /> 1.)I could actually build it with the limited number of peices i had<br /> 2.)The cocking mechanism was great<br /> but it jammed a lot and i couldnt load more than 3 bullets in at a time.<br /> <br /> on the other hane this gun is amazing.&nbsp; although the beginning building is difficult it uses very little peices, is very sturdy, easy to build, shoots great, and is probably the best knex gun i have made.<br /> <br /> i am planning on moding it a little but i have some suggestions for you if you are going to come out with an improved version-<br /> 1.)Instead of pulling the hammer back make it so you slide the top backward and that pulls the hammer back<br /> 2.)get rid of the rod coming out of the bottem of the clip.<br /> <br /> thank you for reading this whole post and good luck on making more guns.<br />
how to sharpen
&nbsp;pencil sharpener<br /> <br /> is that one of those grey ones that are the longest in black?<br />
here kitty kitty<br />
yeah the body is a bit tricky, i just don't feel like putting it together right now =/<br /> maybe later<br />
AWESOME,THIS&nbsp;IS&nbsp;SO&nbsp;POWERFUL...(like the cat..lol)<br />
this thing is not working! the front of the mag keeps on snapping off every other shot. It was also too hard to make.<br />
nee verrekte mongel
omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its not ur gun its ur cat! sooo cute! i wish that was my cat:D
it looks just like my cat. Its a American short hair. <br />
Ive modded this gun to have a removable mag should i post when its finished?
YESSSSS!!!!!!!<br />
Hey, for now on it's nice (I only build the handle) but what are the rare pecies?
how to you sharpen a rod i dont know how to
awsome gun quik and easy
i dont have a bendy rod

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