Extreme Mini Knex Gun




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Introduction: Extreme Mini Knex Gun

the smallest gun on earth

items used:


blue/3, green/1




rubberbands/as many as you want depending on the strength you want

ammo: yellow rods

Step 1: The Body

Step 2: The Trigger

Step 3: The Hammer

Step 4: Put It All to Gether, Add Rubberband and Shoot It



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    Excellent photography( sarcastic cough)

    It was actually at 0.95* at one time then noobs rated it up to a 1.08 and then ibles changed the rating systems so that all ibles are now rated 1* higher than they should be.

    5 STARS!

    Now, this is DEFINITELY the lowest rated instructable ever.

    this is, the lowest knex thing on the site-i would remove it if i were you, just to regain some dignity.
    by the way, im not saying its bad, im just informing you that currently it is the lowest rated knex thing on the site. and there are an awful lot of knex things on the site.
    5x4=20x 133=around 2660 knex instructables on the site-ouch.

    4 replies

    what's the point? The guy already left.

    the guy left the site

    This was the most pointless post on the site ever.

    makes sence why he left

    You people must really have no soul. What if some rating-bombed you all? Would you be laughing? No. Grow up. By the way, I rated this 5 stars.

    6 replies

    Unlike the rating attacks on our guns, we actually have a reason to rate this 0.5

    as of right now, this is the lowest RATED knex ANYTHING on this site.

    whats the lowest rated thing on this site which is actually rated

    What is it? An attempt to share a project? Even though it may be nothing new? Come on, man...I know, when you first sign up, you REALLY wanna post something, so...That's a pretty good ~~excuse~~ reason for newbies, I think.

    Okay you can be kind and constructive but EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU SHOULDN'T POST THESE TYPES OF GUNS. E-VERY-BO-DY.