Picture of extremely powerfull knex gun
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this gun is insanely powerfull it is double barrel!! shoots 2 rods whenever you want to its very very powerfull it hurt like hell when i hit my hand on accedent. This is my first instructable so dont laugh at it's insane power, it's strong **FOR BEGGINNERS** perfect if you really want to harm someone. enjoy making it

x24 yellow conectors.......x12 yellow rods
x16 orange conectors.......x2 white rods
x2 white conectors.......x4 green rods
x10 grey conectors.......x8 blue rods
x2 red conectors.......x2 red rods


Step 1: Construct the peices

Picture of Construct the peices
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1. handle
2. barrels #1
3. barrel #2
5. xtras

**NOTE** on number 3 the end part of the trigger ( not the noted part ) is the small single grey conectorsand are looped not clipped onto the blue rod, and as you can see at bottom of picture it clips onto the previous barrel.
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bbot25005 years ago
i dont undrstand ane ting

ruffrider6 years ago
what r these triggers for? i tryed usin em and nothin happened.
ruffrider6 years ago
o and i gotta lot of pieces left over.
ruffrider6 years ago
how do you load and fire?
ferroucious8 years ago
I did a search for just the word k'nex and came up with 40 hits, why would anyone put the time in to do this? All it is, is telling us to make virtually the same thing out of a toy with pre-fab parts...how is that any fun? Maybe if you could get it fire without rubber bands "maybe" it would be interesting.
"maybe" this instructable isn't for you. But, "maybe" this is fun for others... >: (
well, have you ever actually made one? There are lots of different varieties, and maybe making them isn't the funnest thing in the world, but running round and shooting stuff with them comes pretty close!
i totally agree.
wuzupyo6 years ago
could you be a little more specific on how to put the elastics on please : )
nthnlttl6 years ago
this isn't the best instructions to be honest... I Cant understand the last part...
MI67 years ago
ATTENTION ALL K'NEX GUN-MAKERS or better still ESPECIALLY ww2 gun enthusiasts

Please visit:
builder968 MI67 years ago
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Did you even take the gun apart?
pigs are fat (author) 8 years ago
Hey Guys... i made a 475 volt gloves taser.. Should i post? Im working on a 2500 volt.. i got the chip from an old printer :)
Not on this part of instructables
sure, why not?
joey25426678 years ago
Can somebody tell me how to put the yellow rod on so many yellow connectors?
connect about 9 on both, then shuv in the rest (not clip them in) then clip the rest in on one side and then the other. easy!
i use a yellow rod and the bendy pink rod when there are to many connecters together its still as sturdy as normal.
rickyrune7 years ago
i dont understand how to get the rubber bands on????????????????????????????????? plze help
pigs are fat (author) 8 years ago
oh and remember as i said this is for **BEGGINERS** not advanced semi-auto guys
By the way, there are no semi auto's posted on the site at this time other than oodalump's.
No efence to oodalump, but his is just a fancy way to puul back the firing ram, the stick always broke, so I took it of.
Then that means all semi auto's are just fancy ways of pulling back the firing pin.
It wasn't really a trigger. Shouldn't a gun have a trigger? would you pull back the pin of a real gun? I think your semi auto you had in that movie was better.
Actually, on a double-action revolver you pull back the pin..... so, yeah.
Yes, but there is a piece of metal that is not directly attached to the pin. You pull the trigger, not the pin. Like the Prussian needle guns.
So? The action of pulling the trigger still pulls the hammer back.
exactly. So it should be easy to make it so it pulls back with a trigger rather than directly.
Hey Mepain, since your the moderator, why is my membership still pending?
I'm not on KI 24/7, ya know. -.-
It's cool, I was just wondering if I had to do something...
The pistol definitely has a trigger. It also releases the firing pin, which makes all the difference between normal guns and semi-auto ones.
I never got that. Is that the odd shaped thing at the top? I might rebuild it...
Mad Cat Mepain8 years ago
I don't know why, since it's a pretty simple concept.
lol great name
yourface7 years ago
K'NEX guns are AWESOME. They are the BEST instructables on this site. PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drewzer6677 years ago
lol attack the handle...
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