Introduction: Eye Cam

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Simply eyecam

Step 1: You Need:

Picture of You Need:

a old webcam,a ball table lamp,some poliuretan panel,color pen

Step 2: Preparing Pieces

Picture of Preparing Pieces

open the lamp,open the webcam

Step 3: Assemblage

Picture of Assemblage

make a hole in the front of the ball lamp,leave all parts in the rear of ball lamp,leave the lens on the webcam.
put in the lamp,the webcam,and replace the lens in here side.
the dimension of the hole depending of diametre of your webcam.
use the pen colors to donate a eye aspect.

Step 4: Fix the Eye Wherever You Want

Picture of Fix the Eye Wherever You Want

i fix the eye on a lateral side of a simply panel in polyurethane.
shure,is possible to join a little lamp inside...
thank's all peoples to watch.


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