I got a pair of faux Uggs for Christmas and never liked the way they fit or looked. I decided to hack them up and make a cozy pair of moccasin slippers. They are comfy and cozy and great for wearing around the house.

Materials needed:
Cheap faux Ugg boots
needle and thread

This should take about an hour give or take

Step 1: Cut

Cut down the middle of boot. I used a pinking shear to do this with.

Step 2: More Cutting

Cut all the way around the ankle area. You should have something that now resembles a slipper

Step 3: Stich

Take your needle and thread and do a basic stich around the slipper. This doesn't need to be anything pretty. It is just to hold the leather to the liner.

Step 4: More Cutting

Use the remainder of the faux leather to make your fringe. This will not only add a cool look but it will cover up that raw edge on the slipper.
1-Lay the opening of slipper on leather
2-trace around opening
3- trace another circle about 1 1/2 inches larger around the first cirlce
4-Cut a small  X in the middle of the small circle

Step 5: Cut Out

Cut out around large Circle

Step 6:

take sissors and make small cuts from edge of large circle to the small cirlce.. This creats the fringe. Do this all the way around

Step 7:

extend (snip)  the X  in the smaller circle accoding to the slipper. Then fold over and begin to sew the fringe to the slipper. Do this all the way around the opening

Step 8: Enjoy

Now enjoy your new slippers.
<p>real uggs were probably named that cuz they're actually quite f'ugly. you're a creative genius; those are adorable! :D</p>
Ha! I love your moccasin waaaay better! They turned out cute!
Thank you for using FAUX ugg boots!!! The real ones, I heard they kill lambs for the lining. UGG BOOTS ARE EVIL!!!!!!
the sheepskin ugg boots use are bought from slaughter houses if ugg austrailia stopped using sheepskin the animals would still die
Oh. Watch Food Inc. sometime. It's a documentary about the treatment of animals for commercial purposes. I see your point though... <br>
I like this because you can make them tighter around the ankle this way. I never liked uggs. 5 stars<br />

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