I have been making a lot of these and noticed some errors in my last version of this instructable, so here is the third revision. 

Step 1: Materials

enough fabric to cover the insides outsides and bottom (see measurements next page)
  if the fabric is somewhat sturdy yet still can be sewn with a machine and with a nice feeling to the touch, this works out well

enough cardboard for the four sides and bottom
  Incidentally, did you know that every night in the wee hours, your local Walmart does restocking and if you show up around 5 A.M. or so, you can walk through the store and have your pick of as much cardboard you can carry home with you.  You can also ask the front desk to save some for you, and they will ask you: "How many cartloads do you want?"  And I don't know what the upper limit is, but it's a lot.

sewing machine
matching or analagous colored thread

safety pins
scissors (sharp)

washable marking pen (Crayola makes many that will wash out easily)


paper cutting board for cutting the cardboard square

iron (if you are using a material that can be ironed flat)

fr: tissu, carton, ciseaux, machine a coudre, fil, broches
it: tessuto, cartone, forbici, macchina da cucire, filo, perni
de: Stoff, Karton, Schere, Nahmaschine, Gewinde, Stifte
da: stof, karton, saks, symaskine, trad, pins
cz: tkanina, lepenka, nu~ky, sici stroj, zavit, piny
nl: stof, karton, schaar, naaimachine, draad, pinnen
fi: kangas, pahvi, sakset, ompelukone, kierre, nastat
hu: szovet, karton, ollo, varrogep, menet, csapok
is: efni, pappa, skaeri, saumavel, thrathur, pinnas
id: kain, kardus, gunting, mesin jahit, benang, pin
ga: fabraic, cairtchlar, siosur, innill fuala, snaithe, biorain
la: fabricam, cardboard, axicia, sutura apparatus, filo, paxillos
lv: audums, kartons, skeres, sujmainu, diegi, tapas
lt: audinys, kartonas, zirkles, siuvimo mašina, sriegis, kojos
mk: kain, kadbod, gunting, mesin jahit, benang, pin
ms: drapp, kartun, imqassijiet, magni tal-hjata, hajt, labar
no: stoff, papp, saks, symaskin, trad, pins
po: tkaniny, tektury, nozyczki, maszyny do szycia, gwint, szpilki
pt: tecido, papelao, tesoura, costura maquina, fio, pinos
ro: tecido, papelao, tesoura, costura maquina, fio, pinos
sk: tkanina, lepenka, noznice, sijaci stroj, zavit, piny
sv: tkanine, karton, skarje, sivalni stroj, nit, zatici
es: tela, carton, tijeras, maquina de coser, hilo, pins
sw: kitambaa, kadi, mkasi, cherehani, thread, pini
sv: tyg, kartong, sax, symaskin, trad, stift
tr: kumas, karton, makas, dikis makinesi, iplik, isaretcilerine
vi: vai, bia cac tong, keo, may may, soi, chan
cy: ffabrig, cardbord, siswrn, peiriant gwnio, edau, pinnau
af: stof, karton, sker, naaimasjien, draad, penne
sq: pelhure, kartoni, gershere, makine qepese, fije, kembet
az: parca, karton, qayc1, mas1n tikis, sap, sancaqlar
eu: oihala, kartoia, guraizeak, makina josteko.  haria, pin
ca: tela, cartro, tisores, maquina de cosir, fil, pins
hu: tkanina, karton, skare, sivaci stroj, nit, igle
et: kangas, papp, kaarid, omblusmasin, niit, noopnoelad
fil: tela, karton, gunting, pagtahi machine, thread, pin
ka: tecido, papel, tesouro, máquina de costura, fio, pinos
ht: twal, katon, sizo, koud machin, moso fil, broch
Very useful method. Today I am still using a round fabric covered cardboard box, made by my daughter almost 20 years ago, in the school.
Thank you rimar!
<p>thanks! Very well documented...I was looking for something like this. One suggestion...how about cutting a fabric for inner bottom...attach it right round...then cut another for outer bottom and attach with zipper...that way...its easy to insert and remove cardboard.</p>
interesting suggestion! That would be great if the cardboard was easy to get in and out again. I will think about it!
<p>Nice stuff </p>
Thank you for the translations! <br /> <br />The box is fantastic too! :D
thank you for the feature! The translations are an experiment to see if I get more hits. Just curiosity on my part.

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