Introduction: Fabric Covered Collapsing Box From Ibc Rootbeer Container

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Yet another collapsible fabric covered box for you...

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

sewing machine

Step 2: Remove the Center of the Box

Picture of Remove the Center of the Box

Start by cutting out and removing the center portion of the container..

Step 3: Square Off the Edges

Picture of Square Off the Edges

trim away the edges as shown to make a squared off 'H' shape

Step 4: Cut Fabric to Fit

Picture of Cut Fabric to Fit

lay the 'H' down on the fabric and trace around it with chalk.
cut around the chalk leaving a little seam allowance.

do this twice, once for the exterior and once for the lining.

Step 5: Sew the H Together

Picture of Sew the H Together

Right sides together, sew all the around the 'H', except leave an opening at the crotch of the 'H'.

Turn the piece inside out and then top stitch all the way around, except for the opening you left.

Step 6: Put the Cardboard Inside

Picture of Put the Cardboard Inside

fold the box up flat and insert it into the opening you left in the H

reach in there and unfold the box flap by flap until it is all flat laying inside the H

Step 7: Closure

Picture of Closure

The flaps overlap a bit, so this will be a collapsing box.

Sew velcro along the tops of the H.

Now it will close and hold certain things.


mole1 (author)2013-02-02

Great concept! Especially inserting the 'pattern' box inside.

foobear (author)mole12013-02-03

thank you! =)

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