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Need something to hold up your schedule, important papers, or just pictures of friends in your locker? Here's a quick, inexpensive idea for making your own decorative locker magnets using fabric scraps.

materials needed:
1. button magnets with adhesive backs  - I found mine at WalMart for less than $2 for 18
2. fabric scraps - I had these on hand, leftovers from sewing projects. If you don't have any, ask a friend that sews or check freecycle!
3. scissors
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Step 1: Placement test

Picture of Placement test
Take your magnet (DO NOT remove the backing quite yet!) and test it behind the fabric to see what placement would look best.

Step 2: Attach

Picture of Attach
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Remove paper backing from the adhesive on the back of the magnet.
Carefully place the magnet on the back of the fabric at the place decided on in the last step.
Squish fabric to magnet so it attaches well.

Step 3: Cut

Picture of Cut
Carefully cut around the fabric using the magnet as a guide, so there isn't much overhang but you don't cut into the adhesive.

At this point, if you wish, you could use anti-fray on the fabric, but I opted not to as the adhesive should hold the fabric well enough it shouldn't fray, and anti-fray can change the color and texture of the fabric.

Step 4: Display!

Picture of Display!
Use your magnets to jazz up your locker (or fridge) and hold up your important stuff.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Cute! You could use fray check or even glue around the edges to keep them from fraying.