Update:  I realized a much easier way to make this work:  please go see this version instead:  https://www.instructables.com/id/fabric-storage-box-with-no-hand-stitching/

All my life I have been obsessed with storage, having grown up with a parent who was a hoarder/clutterer.  And despite my determination to be different, it seems, to a letter, I have it the same problem - even down to many of the same interests and pursuits.  Getting interested in Instructables (or I11s as I like to write it) has only intensified the problem because now *any* avenue of creativity is fair game, meaning that interesting tool, or this wonderful remnant, or that beautifully sculpted plastic bottle suddenly has much more potential than it ever did or has a right to.

As a result, now more than ever, I am ever looking for the right place to put things...   On my shopping list, I have things like:  3 foot tall box or basket with 10" maximum width.  I look around at Goodwill and St. Vincent de Paul and never find these things quite the way I want them to be.  So, it seems it really is up to me to create my own storage to the precise dimensions I'm looking for.

Here is a way I discovered to make a fabric covered box.  The original idea for this box came from this website:  http://www.makeit-loveit.com/2011/09/fabric-storage-boxes-per-your-request.html  However, I wanted to keep the initial investment down, rather than purchase anything other than the small cost for remnants.  I chose to use cardboard for the walls.  Also possible would be any other sort of structurally useful material that tends to wind up in the bin, like plastic, though it's harder to find that in larger flat sizes.

The problem I've found generally with making a fabric box is that everything will be going great until you are almost done and find that you cannot topologically insert your sewing machine anywhere near the finish line and are left to either finish it by hand or start over with a different design.

I encountered that problem a bit here, and so I had to finish the top of the box by hand by lashing a binding down with thread and a thimble.  Regardless I think the result is pretty cool.  I'm going to meditate on refactoring the design so that the amount of hand sewing is minimized.

Step 1: materials

sewing machine
seam ripper (aka the "undo button")
remnants of a suitable size to cover the inside and outside surfaces of the box.
enough cardboard or soft sheet plastic for 4 walls and the bottom
wide binding tape (optional)
scissor sharpener (recommended)
sewing needle
tape measure
box cutter

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