Picture of fabric flower ^___^
this is my first Instructable so I wish you tell me what you think ^__^.
this Instructable is really easy and fun to do you can use it as decoration flower or even on your clothes or bag I wish you try it.

Step 1: The matirials

Picture of the matirials
before doing anything you have to get your materials:
1. a good fabric which would be easy to cut and sew i used "felt"
2.pair of good scissors to cut fast .
3.a strong needle to pass through the fabric.
4. strong thread like plastic thread.
5.a brooch pin if you like to put it on clothes or bags.(optional)
ChrysN5 years ago
Cute! I like how you made the centre piece ruffled.
shadon (author)  ChrysN5 years ago
glad u like it ^__^