Updated: fabric storage box with no hand stitching

Updated:  I improved the instructions and fixed a few errors.  Please refer to this instructable instead:

I feel the tiniest bit like Houdini - I came up with a way to make the fabric box with no hand stitching and no seam binding...

Here we go

This is improved version 2.0 of the fabric box I tried to make in my other recent instructable:  Forget that one and use this one instead.  I think its much easier.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
sewing machine
seam ripper (aka the "undo button")
remnants of a suitable size to cover the inside and outside surfaces of the box.
enough cardboard or soft sheet plastic for 4 walls and the bottom
scissor sharpener (recommended)
sewing needle
tape measure
box cutter

Step 2: Determine dimensions

Picture of determine dimensions
you'll need to cut a piece of fabric for the exterior that is enough to go around all four sides plus a little for the seam allowance.
it will be as tall as the box is tall plus half again the shortest of the width or depth (whichever is smaller).

You'll cut another piece to be the interior that will be as tall as the box will be by enough to go around all four walls, no bottom.

The bottom will be made separately and inserted into the box last.

Step 4: Cut the cardboard pieces

Picture of cut the cardboard pieces
Cut out 5 pieces of cardboard.  4 walls and 1  bottom.

Step 5: Mark the sides

Picture of mark the sides
On the right side of the exterior fabric, mark off where the corners of the box will be and draw a straight line indicating it in chalk.  This will later be used as a guide while you're stitching the wall guides.