Fake FBI Tracer Virus





Introduction: Fake FBI Tracer Virus

this is a fake virus that will scare you friends
just copy and paste this into word pad and edit and save anything.bat make sure that the title says .bat at the end



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Guys, i want to say that i know why its spelled wrong in certain areas. Do this trick: for PRON, switch the O and the R.... herp a derp. and i wont flag this instructable for that this is an epic instructable!! i used it....

Got one of these from a friend and put it on my Bosses PC . He panicked . Went and got the PC guy to fix it . PC guy said it was over , that his PC was now junk , Bosses PC was new and his own . PC guy was in on it . We let him stew on it for awhile

Did you know that someone has made a money making scam of this "fake virus"? They are sending people to a local pharmacy or Wall Mart to pay cash for a "money pack", thereby getting $200 or $300 each! Of course, once the person has paid the cash and gotten a special "code", it doesn't fix the problem! I know of 2 people in my town who got scammed with this! I think it is criminal and should be prosecuted.

dude this is a effing April fools joke and if someone modded it to for evil it their fault not mind
and any effing ahole that stupid to mod the program for that is an ahole ok this was a joke virus and by the way if you look around im not the only who made on if this where did you think i got the idea for this one think twice before you accuse someone ok
and have a nice day ps you misspelled wal-mart 1 L not 2

DUDE, check your own spelling. :)

You spelled a lot of stuff wrong. Maybe try editing and using a spell checker?