impress your friends and disappoint them when you take it out.

all this takes are some
super glue
and a safety pin

Step 1: MUTILATE!!!

Cut were the picture tells you to.

Step 2: SUPER GLUE!!!

Then you pour dabs of super glue into the part that puts safety a safety pin, and hold the little piece there for about 30 seconds to allow it to dry.
And last use pliers to bend to shape.

Step 3: AT LAST!!

you now have a fake piercing that you can put anywear on your body.
(please, this is my only instructable and it feels lonely when only 1 person comments it. )
This is stupid. Get a real piercing and man up
nice one for april fools day!!<br><br>BUT i would recommend thorough grinding and smooth filing the open ends that touch your skin. safety pins usually cut into sharp points. (personal 'experience' ) <br><br>and this could end up as a REAL body piercing :-P
I think the super glue would dry out your skin.
Its dry. why would it affect your skin?
cool, think you could whip up some fake snakebites?
i like it <sup>_</sup><br/><br/>thanks for posting this!!!<br/>
doesn't it hurt after a while?
Prince Albert anyone?
LMAO. Try it :D
haha im so doin this right now
ok i did this and made lik ten of them and put them all on one ear and my parents totaly freaked. it was so funny. then my mom walked in the room and told him i made them to be fake and ruined the fun -.-" lol
haha my mom threw a fork at me and it stuck to the wall
Hey, thanks man This was something worth making And it sure freaks the 'rents out (Y)
Dude! This is awesome. I'm going to try this as soon as I can.
lol awesome
dude. thats awesome. my friend has a lower sense of pain so he actually stabs himself through and through the skin with safety pins. but now i can freak out my friends with this. thx for the idea
I love it! I came home from camp with an safety pin ACTUALLY through my belly button, and my mum made me take it out... I can do this and freak her out again! Kiitos! -JL

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