Fake Poop Prank All Edible!!!!!!





Introduction: Fake Poop Prank All Edible!!!!!!

make fake poop out of peanut butter and cooking malasus. both are edible so feel free to eat some, (it tastes very bad though)!

Step 1: Penut Butter

first put some penut butter in a bowl and stilr to make it look like someone er, made it the hard way (and non edible way)!

Step 2: Add Molasus

next coat all of the peanut butter is molasus ,drain the molasus through a strainer to catch the poop,

Step 3: Eat for Lunch

hopfully you finished just in time for lunch, creep someone out by eating it!, maby have some toast with it, choise is yours,

Have a great april fools!



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    There must be a way to make it smell really bad. (The PB might give it away)

    instead of the molasses you could use chocolate sause from nesquick or nutella like ANDY! said

    I used BBQ sauce, PB, and cocoa powder, with a hint of corn starch for the crumbly look. I set it on the toilet seat. lol.

    Instead of molasus, wouldn't nuttella tast better? Mabye the smell gives it away.

    looks like a good ible but you need better pics

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    thanks and ya srry about the pics my camera really isnt that good