Fake Scrapes





Introduction: Fake Scrapes

Awsome fake sraches made from house hold items!
(keep in mind this is my first instructable)

Step 1: Materials

materials needed:
red gel food coloring
tishu paper
liquid starch

Step 2: Fist Layer

just paint some starch on you're arm. (dosent show up in pic)

Step 3: Color It!

Glob on some color!.Dont be hasty.

Step 4: Gore It Up!

dip some tishue paper in the starch and roll it up. Put it on the color as if it was peeling skin.

Step 5: Even More Color!

Paint some more starch and coler on. Make the coler thick on the "skin".

Step 6: Look Hurt!

Gory? You think so? You mite, but if you dont, costimize it!

Step 7: Go!

go out and do it!



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    22 Discussions

    How can I make the scrapedf skin look... not so red? Like if I scraped it on a dirt road and I need black/brown flecks on/in it... How could I do that? Just use dirt?

    1 reply

    Just add a small drop of blue to the red,it will look like real blood. Poor spelling really takes away for this Instructable ...too bad

    You do know that here is a spell check on instructables

    Just try and get a lot more light into the photos by putting a couple lamps next to you or taking them outside in bright sunlight and these will be easier to see. Maybe get your parents to spell check it for you? Good instructable!

    2 replies

    What did you fix? This is really a poorly done instructable. In one paragraph you spell color 2 different ways, color and coler. Several other errors.

    I'd expect you to take your time and post the best Instructable you can. Better steps. Better pictures. Better explanations. Better grammar.

    Sorry, but my first Instructable was lacking in clear pictures, but other than that, it was not of "its (sic) my first so what do you expect!" quality.

    You may have been talking to Hollis, but it's a public forum, and anyone can comment on what you say, even if it's not directed at them.

    1) If you don't want people to listen in to or comment on your public discussions, don't have them in public. 2) It's "busy body", not "busiy bodie".