Fake Virus





Introduction: Fake Virus

a fake virus or a shutdown thing

Step 1: Step 1

right click the mouse and go to new and click on it

Step 2: Step 2

another bar shows up at the top click shortcut

Step 3: Step 3

when you click shortcut this thing pops up

Step 4: Step 4

if you can't read this type in in bar shutdown -s -t 60 -c "type something in here"

Step 5: Step 5

when done click next> and you will be here type something in here and then click finish

Step 6: Step 6

changing icons for the virus right click the icon and click properties

Step 7: Step 7

when you click properties this pops up click change icon...

Step 8: Step 8

this pops up click ok

Step 9: Step 9

choose an icon and then click ok apply and then ok

Step 10: Step 10

your done
look at my boomerang



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    There will be a better quality screen if you use the PrtSc Key just paste it in to Paint.

    how can i keep this file in others startup by sending this file via messenger without knowing them

    dude... just use printscreen to take a picture of the screen... don't use your freaking phone...

    I know its been done a lot before I just got bored

    Use print screen Search, This has been posted too many times. This is NOT a virus. And clean you keyboard, lol. Sorry It's a bit hot here today and i'm stressed lol!

    Well congrats on your first instructable! This has been done a lot before though. Nice boomerang.

    This has been done soooooo many times before.

    Do you see the related Instructables, they can be viewed below, also there is a SEARCH function.

    Just a hint, when taking pictures of stuff on your desktop, just press the key that says Prt Scr right above the backspace, and it will take a screenshot of whatever is on your computer.