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hello instructables ill be showing my fake yugioh cards (there not great but not being aloud to play it works great)
anywho, lets get started

1. scissors
2. pokemon card
3.  paper
4. walmart sleeves they are 100slvs for 50 cents
5. sharpie
6. ruler (foot long)

Step 1: STEP: 1

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Ok lets get started you take pkm card and trace with sharpie one sheet of paper will probably get 8 cards

Step 2: STEP: 2

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ok along each card you take the ruler and place it on the bottom of card dont worry the top row is upside down and when i traced the cards not all of them aligned



Alright next you draw a pic( preferably with pencil and trace with ink later)on bigger fraction on the card and on the lower you write stats but we will get to that later ill be showing you my Raviel sacred beast of phantasms

Step 4: STEP: 4 Bringing the Card to Life

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alright this is reasonably simple but at times it can be nerve wracking you take either sharpies or markers and color the picture


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Ok now we right lines for stats you just line ruler and draw lines try to make them even and then draw the stats as instructed


Zygarde-EXE (author)2017-03-31

I can start creating cards

Destiny Hero105 (author)2012-07-21

Hello folks this is my fake YuGiOh cards i draw them because my brother and sister like them and we use knex dueldisks to battle its pretty cool if anyone has questions just post comment i would show more pics but i have drawn hundreds of cards so yah hope you like em

h8864 (author)Destiny Hero1052012-07-23

these look nothing like yugioh cards

Destiny Hero105 (author)h88642012-07-24

well i have to disagree with you h8864 i think the drawing looks very close
but your right about the text they werent suppose to look like yugioh cards they were supposed to be a side option for my friends cause we cant play the real way (my parents dont like the real cards and all that) so we just use what we can

h8864 (author)Destiny Hero1052012-07-24

thats what i meant and its called dark neos

Destiny Hero105 (author)h88642012-07-24

oh about the text h888? oh and actually it e hero chaos neos i just used the wrong color on accident

just great

Exodiatheforbiddenone (author)2014-02-14


Bolshack Dragon (author)2012-11-01

im trying to make something similar but Duel Masters not yugioh its incredibly complicated fitting all that stuff into a card

Etaash (author)2012-07-23

i really like the drawing but you could make the text better

Destiny Hero105 (author)Etaash2012-07-24

yes i agree the text could definitely use some more work i was going to make it more like yugioh cards and print the text but i don't have enough CPU ink

Your CPU uses ink?

sventrello (author)2012-08-13

I took your advice and do this all the time and play with my cousins they cant play real yugioh so quite fascinating

Yami marik (author)2012-07-28

the text and stats are a little cheap, but i do like the the winged dragon of Ra and the cool hieroglyphic looking things

crimz0n shad0w (author)2012-07-26

the idea is ok and if you want to put this up on instructables then by all means do so , i thinnk that most people wouldnt need a step by step for this, but good cartoony drawing. =)

thanks ill keep that in mind i wouldnt put a step by step but if i didnt then it would get deleted for not being an instructable.
ps. yah i think that the cartoony drawings are pretty cool ill be posting my winged dragon of ra before to long

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Bio: I am originally from Michigan i moved to Alabama several years back ,love yugioh, Pokemon and chaotic
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