Step 2: Solder

I desoldered the speakers off both speaker amps, cleaned the leads, twisted them together, and soldered them to a common speaker amp circuit.

This speaker amp unit also has a small blue LED to let you know when it's on. With the speakers being moved the LED could have been obstructed. I decided to add long leads to the LED so I could place it on the faceplate with the speakers.

"El ganso con la riñonera"
"El ganso con la riñonera"
Nice build but I think you'll find that's a bum-bag boombox ;)
Nice! What tunes do you jam to?
That is totally awesome, and your faceplate looks very professional! I don't know if I can ever wear a fanny pack again though, now that I know what "fanny" means in British English.
Not stereo. All you have done is tie two speakers to the same output. If you want stereo you will have to split the output of your MP3 device to go into two of your amplifiers.
This is true. 2 speakers are still pretty sweet.
I mean wearing fanny packs
I was watching NCIS recently and there was a bike race...the bad guys were described as "3 bicyclists wearing lumbar packs". SO, there you go...just change the name and they are cool again! Yes? No? :)
You wear fanny packs? Lol
never <br>wear <br>a fanny <br>pack <br> <br> <br>...never
Cool, i think "Fanny Packs" are ok. I use one on occasion. It is very helpful for me since I have MS and the pack is a nice place to carry my iPod, wallet, keys, etc. why not add speakers to such a useful device? Great idea. Thank you for posting.
You and me both, brother. I use one every time I ride my motorbike, it's the best for all my EDC items - I'm always first through the toll or gas station with my goodies so accessible!

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