Introduction: Fart Machine

this awesome little device will obsolete the whoopee cushion. make it in minutes, disturb and delight your friends and family.

Step 1: Ingredients

coat hanger
wire cutters
rubber bands (two) thick ones best
washer. small for high pitched squeaks, large for rumbling lingering farts.

Step 2: Cut 8-12 Inch Length of Coathanger

Step 3: Bend Wire Into a U Shape.

use pliers and bend around them.

Step 4: Bend Rubber Band Holders on Either Side of "u"

Step 5: Attach Rubber Bands and Washer.

put two rubber bands through washer as shown.
connect the two ends of each rubber band to the corresponding band hook on the wire piece.

Step 6: Prepare to Break Wind.

wind up the band nice and tight. place it under your rear end on a seat. lift your derrier to release the music....


Anirudh Ralhan made it! (author)2016-10-30


zappapple6 made it! (author)2015-04-06

OMG I can't wait to try this! It looks so funny!!!???

chamster made it! (author)2010-10-01

How is that playing a prank on someone when ur doing it to urself?

Plo Koon made it! (author)Plo Koon2011-04-22

It's not. it's just something to laugh at

carlpogi_11 made it! (author)carlpogi_112011-02-12

yap your right

Flakes made it! (author)2010-11-25

good point... go buy the pooter.. haha..

uguy made it! (author)2009-07-13

Do you have permission from the original website to use their material (Hippo Harmonizer). Your Bad.

Derin made it! (author)Derin2010-07-30

um...he is one of the people making the

redfangratthing made it! (author)2007-02-28

thes scar the hell out of people

mettaurlover made it! (author)mettaurlover2009-01-07

it actually gives people scars?

uzerzero made it! (author)2007-02-14

i honestly dont think this sounds anything like a fart, after watching the video. you can buy a whoopee cushion for a dollar at any dollar store, which is a little more than what you would spend on washers (if you don't have them already) and with a whoopee cushion, it sounds better, you can do it to other people, and if you get bored of it, take the sponge out and turn it into a floating, farting, balloon via helium.

jeffconnelly made it! (author)jeffconnelly2008-08-26

it does sound like a (albeit short) fart.

jeffconnelly made it! (author)2008-08-26

This Instructable was plagiarized from howtoons.

!Andrew_Modder! made it! (author)2007-02-21

Ahh, ill give you a B- cause this doesnt really sound like a fart :-(. But the Comic majiger i give an A

jeffconnelly made it! (author)jeffconnelly2008-08-26

he plagiarized it!!!

bitchqueen made it! (author)2008-03-22

WOW! BLAST FROM THE PAST! i havent seen one of these for about 20+ years lol, it was known to us as a 'colorado beetle' and we would wind it up and place it in an envelope or inside a book and tell people we'd found a strange looking bug we'd squished and would they care to look at it.... we NEVER tired of this - brilliant!!

turner22 made it! (author)2008-02-13

AWESOME!!! Really works well on leather, what about a plastic classroom chair?

Maxaxle88 made it! (author)2007-05-27


Use the fart machine on a leather-seat chair, or something else with a smoooth surface and not much padding. Wood will be dented. I AM NOT (HELD) RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT MAY HAPPEN!!!

hockeyfreak made it! (author)2007-03-25

How come it doesn't smell like a fart??

Maxaxle88 made it! (author)Maxaxle882007-05-27

XD ROFTLOL that's a good one. Just get some sort of AIRTIGHT container and let fly with gassiness. Later, activate the flatulence machine and uncap/open the container.

random green dude made it! (author)2007-05-16

these r cool but you need to put this device in a metal tabacco tin to really scare people leave the tin where some unfortunate will pick it up and open it then you will really hear a fart noise when the person opens it and craps themself

frankadelic made it! (author)2007-04-27

I'm kind of gassy so I don't really need one of these but it's a great idea. I'd imagine depending on the type of the seat it sounds more or less like a fart.

spartana made it! (author)2006-10-29

I have had one of these stuck in a card. it was called a weta( large insect with long legs and antenna) it scared the crap out of people who opened it, because the washer would bang againest the card. god it was funny watching people open it.

fighter pilot made it! (author)fighter pilot2007-01-21

reminds me of "rattlesnake's eggs"...

Jesseton made it! (author)2006-12-12

My rubber bands fused together...

frickelkram made it! (author)2006-10-04

Look small but sounds great ;-)

Yakeyglee made it! (author)2006-09-24

Makes sort of a metallic fart.

zachninme made it! (author)2006-09-05

I agree this isn't the best auto-farter, however YOU can make it, as where you have to buy a whoopie cushon ;)

eraaawghhh made it! (author)2006-09-01

Thank you...

azwebco made it! (author)2006-08-17

like tomole said, the corrct application of this device is put it in an envelope and label it "genuine arizona rattlesnake fangs". Tell your friends your aunt was on vacation and sent you a set of rattle snake fangs and let them open it... you'll get some serious "reaction" traditionally it's made with one rubber band laced through a button and a paper clip frame. you can experriment with the size of the button so that you get a good release point. if the button is too large it's possible they see it before it goes off and if it's too small you can get premature release which everyone knows is bad...

crazywhiteboy_23 made it! (author)2006-07-24

i made it and you cand wind it up a lot but if you lose catch when it unwinds it hurts your fingers. I wound up being able to make it outlast a whoope cushion.

TheCheese9921 made it! (author)2006-07-14

I plan on causing caos in the classroom whem school starts up again i'll make about 20 and hand em out to my freinds each hour.

arnchalooo made it! (author)2006-03-29

That's kinda lame. You can't have it done to someone, meaning you can't put it under someone quickly like a whoopeeeee cushion and for all that winding all you get is a short 1 second flaapp p p p. It cool though if you need a quick fix.

tomole made it! (author)2005-08-31

It looks an awful lot like a "rattlesnake egg" device that you can put in an envelope.Cool!

rhett made it! (author)2005-08-30

I have read all of the public Howtoons, and I believe that this is the worst one. There is no meantion of farting anywhere in it. How are we susposed to know that "happy hippo" is a euphamism for farting? Is that today's hip slang?

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