Polymath Design lab made a "Skirt full of Stars" using fiber-optic light pipe.

Their instructions suggested attaching LEDs to the end of fiber-optic light pipe using heatshrink. However, I found this method challenging because light pipe has a low melting point. So I looked for alternative methods to focus LED light into the light pipe. 

Here is a quick way to make strands of fiber-optic material light up, without heatshrink. It is a non-permanent solution, so if you want to reuse the fiber optics they can be easily removed. Also, this is one way to use expired sugru.


some Fiber-Optic light pipe strands (so people don't have to buy yards of it at once, I put small quantities for sale at http://www.gadgetcat.com/?product=fiberoptic-lightpipe)
plastic drinking straw
~2" duct tape (black electrical tape would be even better)
3V coin battery for testing

Quick overview of assembly:

Stick an LED and fiber-optic light pipe inside a straw, use expired Sugru to hold the LED in. Wrap with duct tape or black electrical tape to help focus all the light into the light pipe.

Step 1: Cut the (stiff) Sugru

A use for expired Sugru. 

Use the piece of straw to mark the size of the Sugru plug for the end of the straw

<p>Wow, what an easy and inexpensive way to make this. Esp like the expired Sugru = now I know what I can use that stuff for also.</p>
Very cool! I like the use of recycled materials!! I actually think you were right on with using duct tape! Black electrical tape would probably make things worse not better as it would &quot;absorb&quot; light rather than reflect it. I do like your suggestion to wrap it in foil first though! (Or you could use some foil tape) That's essentially how a fiber optic data cable works! :)

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