Introduction: Fast Robot That Can Carry Five Lbs

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this is what it should look like at the beginning

Step 1: Our Initial and the Changes

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Step 2: Materials Needed

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flat the top
add one more wheel
two more 60 gears
4 kept nuts
4 spacers
4 flat bearing
8 allen screw
battery holder
4 collers
hex rench
2 open ended rench
2 shafts

Step 3: After You Add All That.

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it should look like this

Step 4: Sled

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make a sled
you will need a
13 keps locks
13 screws 3/8
a 5 hole angle bar
a 9 hole angle bar
4 bearing blocks

Step 5: Your Sled

Picture of Your Sled

Step 6:

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you should have someinght that looks like this

Step 7:

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it can carry 5-7 lbs

Step 8: This Is How It Should Run

Step 9:

Step 10: Why We Chose It

We chose this design because it seemed easy to do with he materials we were given. all we had to do was flatten the top and replace a few things.

Step 11: Robot Info

the in put is 115.8

the output is 0.33

torque is also 0.33

the gear ratio is 5:1 and 1:1

there is no theoretical speed

nor actual speed

Step 12: End

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Bongmaster (author)2015-06-08

this is the same as the other one u just posted, also where is any mention of the electronics and controller?

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