Picture of faux flower planter necklace
My inspiration for this project was taken from a craft I saw for sale on etsy, where an artist uses a 3D printer to make a small planter that holds a living plant which you can wear around with you. However, I wasn't so keen on the price tag (which doesn't include a plant or shipping) and any living plants I own don't seem to last that long.

Instead, this version uses Dollar Store supplies and faux foliage to create an economical, wearable, faux flower planter necklace.

Follow along and make your own version. Men, this is a perfect for that lady in your life. And ladies, make your own and show off your crafty-awesomeness. Either way, this cheap floral project is sure to turn some heads.

Enough talk, let's make a planter necklace!
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Step 1: Tools + materials

Picture of tools + materials
  • hot glue
  • hacksaw
  • tweezers
  • thimble ($1.00)
  • plastic flowers (on hand)
  • necklace ($1.00)
My thimble came as part of a sewing package, the supplies not used in this package will make a fine addition to your craft box. The necklace used was a standard ball-hinge metal chain, with the charm removed. Almost any necklace would work for this application, even string in a pinch.

Step 2: Cut thimble

Picture of cut thimble
Using a hacksaw, two slits were cut into either side of the thimble. Each slit is approximately half the length of the thimble. Depending on necklace type used, and thimble design, your cuts may be different.

The chain will need to be separated and the ends placed into these slots, then glued in place. An alternative to cutting slits is to use a small drill bit and bore through the thimble. The necklace can then be laced through the openings.

Ensure that the necklace connection points are not too low on the thimble, else the planter will tip upside down when filled. Above halfway should suffice.
kmckaye3 years ago
I love this. I saw those on Esty before. Very pricey! I like this idea much better. Thank you for sharing.
KreaKatri4 years ago
Wow, this is just great!
I will have to put it on my projects-to-be-made list :)
poofrabbit4 years ago
This is awesome, I will have to give it a try. I'm thinking of all the different types of flowers or foliage that could be done!
Darling. I love this idea.
So so adorable!
that's so cute!! :D does it flip when you're wearing it, or does it stay vertical when you move?
mikeasaurus (author)  kristylynn844 years ago
Great question:, kristylynn84

Yes, the planter will sit correctly when worn, but care needs to be taken when positioning the chain location in regards to the thimble. Step 3 states "Take care to notice the position of your chain while the glue is setting, hold the slack of the chain above the rim of the thimble to ensure that the thimble will hang correctly when the necklace is worn."

This step is directed  towards planter placement when worn, proper planning and cuts into the thimble will keep your planter upright at all times. If in doubt, make sure that there is a weight in the bottom of the thimble, like a small nut or washer to add extra weight, or cut a smaller vertical slit for the planter to rest in. This will allow your planter to naturally hang with the bottom always down.
yeah, i was thinking about weights in the bottom. :)
ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, that looks really cute!