Picture of faux fur animal ears
These faux fur ears are perfect for cosplay and costumes! They're easy to put together (even though I admit they're a little time consuming!), and pretty cheap as well. I've included a template for the ear shape I went with, but I think these faux fur ears could be easily modified to look like cat, fox, wolf, or dog ears! Using fur also allows your ears to look much more realistic - now you can cosplay in style. No more lumpy cloth ears for you!

They're also perfect for cosplay because they can be attached using only hair clips - I was afraid they'd be heavy enough I'd need to use a headband, but that's not the case. They'd also look excellent sewn onto a wig. (which I had originally planned, but couldn't find the perfect wig!) :D

So go ahead and cosplay as a fancy space cat or a warrior fox! You can do it!

(more photos on the last step, too! :D)

Oh, and if you're looking for a tail to go with the ears, check out my faux fur tail tutorial.
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Step 1: What you'll need:

Picture of what you'll need:
  • cardboard (I used a cereal box)
  • faux fur (longer fur works best)
  • trimmer/shaver
  • 20 gauge wire
  • a new razor blade
  • thread & needle
  • pins
  • glue gun + sticks
  • hair clips or headband for attaching
  • pink felt for inside of ears
  • ear pattern, included on this step
As you can see, the list of things needed is pretty small. :D I already had most of them around my house.

Step 2: Cut out cardboard ear bases

Picture of cut out cardboard ear bases
You'll need two of these!

Print out the template and cut it out. Trace around it and then cut it out of the cardboard. :)
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atabatchnick made it!2 days ago

Hey! Thanks for the tutorial! I followed it and made my own set of Gnar ears from league of legends for Otakon 2015! It took a much shorter time than i expected too.

KiranP215 days ago

When you add the cardboard to the ears, does the furry part go over it like a glove, or is it put over the cardboard as if it were a frame? Also, are these compatible with Necomimi headsets?

Afrodita made it!3 months ago

Yes, thanks for great tutorial! I used it for my "fox" ears and cosplay :-) But sadly they're too heavy for just hairclips.

creationwiz3 months ago
great project, by any chance have you ever heard about the furry fandom
LilyTavares983 months ago

Could I use a sewing machine to sew them together? :3

jessyratfink (author)  LilyTavares983 months ago

You can, but it's super frustrating. The feed dogs under the foot will grab at the fabric/hair and pull it, so it's pretty rough. BUT if you have a walking foot for your machine, that might work because it'll help with the pulling.

I just don't think it's worth all the cussing with a regular presser foot :P

mtchang leith11 months ago
so i used your patern to create some Gnar ears and it worked miracles! as i created them for a glow party im going to they are also reactive to UV light ^.^
How do u get them to stay up and uv glow??
I used some alligator hair clips and A LOT of bobby pins :p they were a little wobly but held fairly well, i would recoment sewing them on a hairband if you're going to move a lot or don't want to replace them all day. They were UV reactive because it was for a black light glow part, so i fashioned my ears out of white fur and then used specific paint that reacts to black light to paint the colors making the ears tail and skill head piece seem like they're glowing under black light.

Lol I used her guide to make my Gnar ears too xD

i used her tail to make a tail for my Gnar tail too :D

Same xD LOVE your ears and tail :D Though, mine are both SUPER fluffy hahaa. I only shaved the ear part where I put the pink lol. I think the tail is still posted as the top comment on her instructable :3 How did you get your ears to stay on so well? I'm having troubles, but it could be because I made them really fluffy and a bit larger like hers in her instructions. I tried it without my hair pulled back but they wouldn't stay too well :/

nice! mine aren't fluffy for the only reason that my glow paint wasn't fabric friendly so it stiffened up the fur a little. i wish they were fluffy though what did you use? and for the hair clip i used something like the photo, but my hair in a half ponytail or braid ( really tight) hooked one the ears and then added like a tons of boby pins to keep them in place, they're a little wobilly but they hold real well and the wobble makes them look more life like :) i also made them bigger than the model and gabe myself an extra challenge by also cutting out the bite marks in Gnars left ear :) hope it helps :)

These are my ears :3 I FINALLY got off my butt and went to buy bobby pins and hair ties. Tried it out, and it worked awesome! I just used the hair clips like she showed in her tutorial but the pins and hair tie back help a LOT. Probably would hold better if my hair wasn't so tangled from the wind today either, BUT oh well lol. Now I just need to find a good way to get a 'bone' look for his weapon and skull : / They're already paper mache'd so I just have to find a decent paint to go on after the primer >.<

Gnar ears 2.jpgGnar Ears.jpg
wow so nice! i notice how your hair is flat too im guessing thats why the ears have a hard time stickying on ( im a massive curly so like literally anything holds) what i would sugest is put some long hold hairspray in your hair and pins and they won't have the tendency to slife as much ^.^ they look really cool! for my head piece ( that i mcguyvered in like 8hrs and finishes in the hotel room for the convention) i used paper maché and acrylic. once the 1st coat was dry i applied some detail and to make it look old i used a sea spong to remove excess paint and give it the old boney look ;) hope it helps ;D

Yeah I just think my hair hates clips xD I'm thinking I'll try to give it more of a messy look though and hopefully it'll help out a bit. Ohh a sponge is a good idea!!! Yeah so far the weapon has taken.....about 9 days including paper mache drying time lol. I used expanding foam for the headpiece and weapon so that took a bit of time >.< I'll have to try the sponge though :P I don't want to go through the weathering process, I've heard its a major pain lol.

mtchang leith7 months ago
:D also made matching ears to my tails ^.^
sscott149 months ago
Used them for a werewolf cosplay and was amazed.

I made some gnar ears too lol, they are so large tho and I'm having a hard time getting them to stay... i sewed 2 big clips on them but my hair won't hold :( i really didnt want to use a big head band. any suggestions?


Where did you get the fabric for the ears? Did you find it online?
Im making Gnar ears for a cosplay event that I am going to in November, but I cant seem to find a good orange faux fur! Any help would be appreciated!

i actually had a really hard time as well and i managed to spend all day (and night including a league rave glow party) by fixing my ears as much as possible with the pin (tying my hair in a half ponytail also helped as it gave a better ground for the clips to latch on) and then adding like a million bobby pins through the ear and clip i had. see coments below ;) and then i prayed for the best and it turned out great! plus the ears were UV reactive and i shined like a christmas tree hihihi good luck on your GnarrrrRRRRRR

iluvkittehs made it!10 months ago

Made these for my Gnar cosplay :D Awesome Instructable!!!! I'll have to super tie mine down though since my hair isn't a fan of clips much haha.

Gnar ears 2.jpgGnar Ears.jpg

This looks great and I want to use it for my next cosplay. I'm having a little trouble as to finding the fur though, so I would like to know where you got yours and how much it cost?

hey Cassey i got mine at a fabric store and they run around 20-45CND per meter you can also find some online (I've never done it but it aparently is super easy to find ). ;)
kenbob1 year ago

Looks great:) , now to add a sensor, some servos, ... ala (one of my favorite concept products )

Mille_1 year ago
How cool :)
Awesome ^_^
Planning on making the tail later today, love the tutorial ^_^
LOVE IT !!!!
Well Done Jessy, and Thank You.
abunda1 year ago
finton2 years ago
Great set of ears! For those of us who are iggerant, "cosplay" is short for "costume play".
These ears look Awsome!! Good Job
Klappstuhl2 years ago
Daaawwww, so cute! :D
NOODLE!2 years ago
thank you for making so many awesome ibles! I made your Max hat, and i LOVE it! your instuctions are really clear, which makes the project super easy. (^-^)
lovely idea!
jawasan2 years ago
Cute for sure!
Stop trying to close your eyes to make them not seem big. lol
pinkhottiek2 years ago
These are Super Cute!!!!!
ShadowJesus2 years ago
This is simple, and the outcome looks awesome!

Would you use foam for the inside?
jessyratfink (author)  ShadowJesus2 years ago
Carving a piece of foam would probably work pretty well for the base of the ears. I'm not sure it would play well with the hot glue, though, ha! You'd have to improvise that bit. :D
PitStoP2 years ago
That's cute Jessy. =) Looks nice on you and the pink goes well with your skin.
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