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I want to thank you for all your votes but the election I posted;
does not have a clear winner, 2nd place or 3d place. Therefore: Here's a final round, you can vote for two of these guns, this time they can be your own guns. I gave some bonuspoints from the first round and my own votes to some guns already. every vote will be counted by adding a 1 (as shown below).
Please vote for 3 of these guns, you can also vote three times for one gun, they can be your own:
1: Knex dual turret assault bow: 111111
2: The FreeKiller Repeating Crossbow : 1111
3: Knexfreek Hell Slayer: 111111111
4: Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle: 11111111111111111111111
5: TR18: 11111111111111111111111111
6: VSS Vintorez : 111111111
7: The Logic Bow : 11111111111

Thank you



cool bas3 (author)2010-02-02

i vote:

3 logic bows!

hai faive!


i bow is far superior, however seeing as it was still an idea floating around in my head at the time, I'll say thanks =)

logic bow is the best!

actually #3 of 2009, ah who cares about details, L Bow Rules!

Logic bow powns the Z35!

Vynash (author)cool bas32010-04-23


Mr. Muggle (author)cool bas32010-02-02


cool bas3 (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-02

no problem

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-07-18

i would vote logic bow, DTAB, Z35

prodo123 (author)2010-03-24

#4 #5 #5
Dragunov looks soo real

DJ Radio (author)2010-02-06

And why do you let people vote for the same gun twice and vote for their own creations? 

Mr. Muggle (author)DJ Radio2010-02-06

what does it matter, the election already ended

barrax (author)2010-02-02


everyone needs to stop doing this

If we want to know the best gun, we just type in Knex and go to rating...

Mr. Muggle (author)barrax2010-02-02

yeah but many people think the ratings suck and most people like voting I guess, when there are 100 ratings on an ible your rating matters very little.

barrax (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-04

thats something the ibles team really do need to sort out...

also, for the author to see each individuals voting would be great :)

Mr. Muggle (author)barrax2010-02-05

yeah, but if you rate 0.5* you mostly wouldn't want the author to see that lol

barrax (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-05

so that encourages people to not vote it down, our of jealousy...

Mr. Muggle (author)barrax2010-02-05

mm, you're right about that but sometimes an instructable deserves such a low rate, and you don't want the author to hate you. You just want him to know that his project isn't worth posting.

barrax (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-05

well then you'd be honest and tell him/her in a comment... and tell him/her not to hate you for it.

Mr. Muggle (author)barrax2010-02-05

I often do, but I do think rating should stay private, after all I'm the person to decide if I want to share my opinion

barrax (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-06

lol the reason i said that was to discourage haters - if you see one person voting 0.5 on all of your guns, then he/ she would be criticised for hating...

and may not do it again.

Mr. Muggle (author)barrax2010-02-06

I thinks both systems would have their own pros and cons, I don't think instructables will change what we have right now, considering most people are happy about it

Oblivitus (author)barrax2010-02-03

There's a good opposing argument too though.

~KGB~ (author)barrax2010-02-02


KnexFreek (author)2010-02-05

hell slayer X3

Mr. Muggle (author)KnexFreek2010-02-05

OOOY, sorry, election closed, if you would have voted earlier the hell slayer would have ended third instead of the logic bow, I'm really sorry but, I'll put your credit right here:

after all I didn't tell people yet the election was closed :/
I had posted the results allready though

Vynash (author)2010-02-04

kNeXFreek Hell Slayer

Mr. Muggle (author)Vynash2010-02-04


Vynash (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-05


silentassasin21 (author)2010-02-02

tr18,z35,and dtab


No wait scratch that z35x3


pls (author)2010-02-04

 tr18 * 3

Mr. Muggle (author)pls2010-02-04


An Villain (author)2010-02-03

z35 KAR

Mr. Muggle (author)An Villain2010-02-03

you can do three votes, is that 3 votes for the Z35?

An Villain (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-03

Freekiller repeater

Mr. Muggle (author)An Villain2010-02-03


An Villain (author)Mr. Muggle2010-02-04

you are welcome.

Knex Lego Maniac (author)2010-02-03

18 3x

I voted for my gun 3 times too. We have no shame. XD


builder968 (author)2010-02-02

Z35(that's three votes, probably best gun I've built)

Oblivitus (author)builder9682010-02-03

Thank you.

Mr. Muggle (author)builder9682010-02-02


Seleziona (author)2010-02-02

Hellslayer X3
Thanks :)

Mr. Muggle (author)Seleziona2010-02-02


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