Favorite Knex Weapons 2009: Final Round





Introduction: Favorite Knex Weapons 2009: Final Round

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I want to thank you for all your votes but the election I posted;
does not have a clear winner, 2nd place or 3d place. Therefore: Here's a final round, you can vote for two of these guns, this time they can be your own guns. I gave some bonuspoints from the first round and my own votes to some guns already. every vote will be counted by adding a 1 (as shown below).
Please vote for 3 of these guns, you can also vote three times for one gun, they can be your own:
1: Knex dual turret assault bow: 111111
2: The FreeKiller Repeating Crossbow : 1111
3: Knexfreek Hell Slayer: 111111111
4: Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle: 11111111111111111111111
5: TR18: 11111111111111111111111111
6: VSS Vintorez : 111111111
7: The Logic Bow : 11111111111

Thank you




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    i bow is far superior, however seeing as it was still an idea floating around in my head at the time, I'll say thanks =)

    logic bow is the best!

    actually #3 of 2009, ah who cares about details, L Bow Rules!

    Logic bow powns the Z35!

    i would vote logic bow, DTAB, Z35

    #4 #5 #5
    Dragunov looks soo real

    And why do you let people vote for the same gun twice and vote for their own creations? 

    1 reply

    what does it matter, the election already ended


    everyone needs to stop doing this

    If we want to know the best gun, we just type in Knex and go to rating...

    5 replies

    yeah but many people think the ratings suck and most people like voting I guess, when there are 100 ratings on an ible your rating matters very little.

    thats something the ibles team really do need to sort out...

    also, for the author to see each individuals voting would be great :)

    yeah, but if you rate 0.5* you mostly wouldn't want the author to see that lol

    so that encourages people to not vote it down, our of jealousy...

    mm, you're right about that but sometimes an instructable deserves such a low rate, and you don't want the author to hate you. You just want him to know that his project isn't worth posting.