Lampshade made of empty dish soap bottles. You will need:
6 bottles,
one lid of a yoghurt or icecream pot,
16 tie-wraps, scissors,
small hacksaw or sharp knife,
sticky tape
cap of a big soap bottle
turret punch or awl
and of course a lamp, socket, and electric wire.

Step 1: Open the Bottle

Draw three diagonal lines on the bottle.cut off the bottom and top. I like to use a small hacksaw
<p>Lovely! </p>
Congrats! Gosh I thought they were real feathers.
After winning second prize in the lamp contest, feels i can really fly with them.
I loved it. Great idea. Thanks!
Beautiful work. And they might be cleaned with a gentle spray, minus the electrical parts at the time of cleaning. Keep up the good work!
OMDG this is Awesome and elegant.Thanks for share !!!
Unique and beautiful!
Gorgeous! I agree, I thought they were real feathers. :D
I couldn't tell from the photo that it was made of plastic bottles! I mean, I know thats the point but . . . nice work. :]

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Bio: Technics/ arts and crafts teacher at a school for mentally disordered young adults.
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