Picture of featherlamp
Lampshade made of empty dish soap bottles. You will need:
6 bottles,
one lid of a yoghurt or icecream pot,
16 tie-wraps, scissors,
small hacksaw or sharp knife,
sticky tape
cap of a big soap bottle
turret punch or awl
and of course a lamp, socket, and electric wire.
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Step 1: Open the bottle

Picture of open the bottle
DSCF3787 (Large).JPG
Draw three diagonal lines on the bottle.cut off the bottom and top. I like to use a small hacksaw

Step 2: Feathershape

Picture of feathershape
DSCF3791 (Large).JPG
DSCF3794 (Large).JPG
Cut the bottle with a pair of scissors in three more or less equal parts. Draw a pointy shape on both ends of each part. Paste a small strip of tape down the center to guide further cutting.

Step 3:

Picture of
DSCF3796 (Large).JPG
Cut narrow fringes on each side of the feathers. Take notice of the diagonal direction. 

Step 4: The center

Picture of the center
Cut a circle from the lid or bottom of a yoghurt or ice pot. Make an opening in the center fitting round the socket. Divide the remaining iring in 8 equal parts with a pencil. Make small holes on the lines and in the middle of the parts. See all red dots in the drawing.
Make two corresponding holes in each feather 

Step 5: Almost done

Picture of almost done
DSCF2817 (Large).JPG
Attach 16 feathers with tie-wraps to the yoghurtpot ring. The best way to do this is to alternate. First the 8 "even"spaces, then the 8 remaining uneven spaces. Place the socket through the ring and screw on. ( most sockets come with a ring to attach).

Step 6:

Picture of
More idea's with plastic bottles are available on a free downloadable ebook on my website: www.ruudvankoningsbrugge.nl/flessenboek. Regrettable the website and book are in dutch, but with enough pictures and drawings to inspire. Take a look and if you do, please click the facebook "like"button.


786Ayesha2 years ago
Congrats! Gosh I thought they were real feathers.
After winning second prize in the lamp contest, feels i can really fly with them.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
Del Carmen2 years ago
I loved it. Great idea. Thanks!
DIY-Guy2 years ago
Beautiful work. And they might be cleaned with a gentle spray, minus the electrical parts at the time of cleaning. Keep up the good work!
Mr.Sanchez2 years ago
OMDG this is Awesome and elegant.Thanks for share !!!
foobear2 years ago
Unique and beautiful!
Gorgeous! I agree, I thought they were real feathers. :D
I couldn't tell from the photo that it was made of plastic bottles! I mean, I know thats the point but . . . nice work. :]