Picture of find hidden stuff in windows xp

today i will show you how to find hidden music, two retro media players, and this weird star wars thing in cmd on windows xp.

Step 1: One of the songs

Picture of one of the songs
first, i will tell you how to get to the first song. it is buried in c:/WINDOWS/.
1. put cursor over start button
2.right click
3.select explore
4.click on local disk (c:)
5.click on WINDOWS
6.then look for system32 and click on that
7.then look for oobe and click on that
8.then look for images and click on that
9.then scroll down and look for title.wma
10.click on it and listen
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if the star wars thing doesnt work go to this website
jmarri4 years ago
Before you can do this you have to have telnet server stuff enabled on your computer search How to activate Telnet in the Instructables search box to find out how to do it. ;)
itzepiic4 years ago
Guys, come on.

Open cmd prompt
type "telnet"
type "o"
then "towel.blinkenlights.nl"
@unominame Try typing Telnet towel.blinkinlights.nl
jrsblb5 years ago
You really should add the "telnet" command before"towel.blinkenlights.nl"..... some people could find that annoying (if they don't already know what you mean).

Nice one though.
rocubr6 years ago
What the heck are animal sfx doing in this folder?!?!?!
carrierpilot1357 (author)  rocubr6 years ago
who knows...
that star wars thing wont work on my computer when I type towel.blinkenlights.nl in it says it isn't a reconniseable batch file...
i do, something.
who puts all this random stuff in there anyway? or maybe its just left in there from an old windows version?
the Star Wars thing isn't on your computer its online if you look in the beginning of the movie you will see the creators e-mail and the website and you can watch it on the Internet they put it on to telnet and that's why you have to type in telnet to make it work Google it. the songs could be on your computer I have no idea why they could be on there
ianskiin bears06 years ago
Not to be mean, but with an open telnet connection that computer is connected to yours, and in theory they could control it or put malicious software on it, etc. so i would be careful when you do that...
while I know the starwars thing is from the internet... but those songs are from windows 2000.
bears06 years ago
in the system32 folder look for dvdplay.exe
bears06 years ago
you can also find sound files not just songs I've done it before I've seen people make songs out of them its really cool.
bears06 years ago
I've heard of the Star Wars thing if you look in the beginning of the movie you'll see a link where you can watch it online
erikals6 years ago
good ol' mplayer32 and mplayer2. I've played with Windows 98's media player before... so to have it in XP is just fantastic. Thank you so much for posting this instructable.
twocvbloke6 years ago
If I recall correctly, Mplay32, of Windows 3.1 (with Win32s installed)/95 vintage does play video, but I think it might be only avi files... :) As for mplayer2, I'm always using that, it works so much better for video than the later media player versions, but I also use WinAmp too, cos that's cool... :D
jona9916 years ago
I can't come at the star wars thing the Internet connection don't want to connect.
UbuntuNinja6 years ago
Does anyone know how to do the text movie in a Bash shell (the command line that is used in Linux/Unix/Mac OS X)?
carrierpilot1357 (author)  UbuntuNinja6 years ago
no I believe not. I think you can only do this in windows
barf_malak6 years ago
it just said "connectoion lost, and im connected to the internet!!! help!!
awang86 years ago
Hmm...title.wma sounds really cool.
polpan6 years ago
the star wars telnet thing..... it form anohter server....and it's not only in windows too..any *nix system does have a telnet command..... :)
Muscelz6 years ago
Umm...... U for got to say this... Start "Command Prompt" Up in the "Run" Dialog Box In the "Start Menu" Type In cmd into the run dialog box Type Telnet Type o towel.blinkenlights.nl WATCH AND TRY TO ENJOYY!!!! THEY SPENT ALOTA TIME MAKING THIS!!!
telnet towel.bkinkenlights.nl that is the entire command
carrierpilot1357 (author)  Muscelz6 years ago
oh i'm sure a text based movie takes a really long time.(I really mean it. i'm not being carcastic)
hahah it sounds like u are lolzzz
carrierpilot1357 (author)  Muscelz6 years ago
If it does than I really didn't mean it!
Hahah man its kewl, dw bout it. hav a gud day man
dude1111156 years ago
well, it makes a difference to the fact that you would not be able to run the drwatson now, doesnt it?
dude1111156 years ago
its drWATSON not drwaton, your missing an s
carrierpilot1357 (author)  dude1111156 years ago
well um... ok but that is a very small thing to make a comment on isn't it?
dirtydave916 years ago
carcastic???? WTF is that. lrn2spell next time...
I think it's being sarcastic while driving.
chan6507 years ago
I can't find the mplayer2 thingy. can you maybe post a file path or something to it?
carrierpilot1357 (author)  chan6507 years ago
make sure your running windows XP. you will find it here: C:\Program Files\Windows media player click on mplayer2.exe remember not to move anything! hope this helps.
jackdaun7 years ago
are there any other vids you can watch through telnet?? email me ur answer on jackdaun@gmail.com Thank you jack
tekzilla rocks
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