Step 3: The star wars telnet thingy

Picture of the star wars telnet thingy
1. open up command prompt (go to run in start menu and type in cmd and then click ok)
2.type in towel.blinkenlights.nl
3.this star wars thing will play


i had a person point out that the star wars thing is not on windows xp, but actually is on a server somewhere on earth.
Therefore, you need an internet connection to view it.
jmarri4 years ago
Before you can do this you have to have telnet server stuff enabled on your computer search How to activate Telnet in the Instructables search box to find out how to do it. ;)
jrsblb5 years ago
You really should add the "telnet" command before"towel.blinkenlights.nl"..... some people could find that annoying (if they don't already know what you mean).

Nice one though.
who puts all this random stuff in there anyway? or maybe its just left in there from an old windows version?
while I know the starwars thing is from the internet... but those songs are from windows 2000.
barf_malak6 years ago
it just said "connectoion lost, and im connected to the internet!!! help!!
Muscelz6 years ago
Umm...... U for got to say this... Start "Command Prompt" Up in the "Run" Dialog Box In the "Start Menu" Type In cmd into the run dialog box Type Telnet Type o towel.blinkenlights.nl WATCH AND TRY TO ENJOYY!!!! THEY SPENT ALOTA TIME MAKING THIS!!!
telnet towel.bkinkenlights.nl that is the entire command
dirtydave916 years ago
carcastic???? WTF is that. lrn2spell next time...
codongolev7 years ago
umm, you can just type in "telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl" and it will do the same thing.