Finger Circle Game





Introduction: Finger Circle Game

This is a very fun and simple game that you can play with your friends any time, anywhere.

Step 1: Materials and Stuff

all you need is:
-one hand
-some other dudes
-and um,.....that's it

Step 2: What You Do

Step 1- make a circle with your pointer finger and your thumb, like the one in the picture.
Step 2- when you get someone to look at your circle, you get to hit them (lightly of course)
Step 3- I don't have a step 3, sorry.

Step 3: Rules and Stuff

like all games there is a few rules, guidelines, and other things of that nature.

rule #1- the circle must be below your neck.
rule #2- the circle can't be directly in their line of sight. ex. if they are bending over tying the shoe or something, you cant put it right in their face (thats cheating)
rule #3-drawings of the circle do not count but they are funny when you show someone for the first time (lol)
rule #4- have fun!!

(please go easy on me, this is my first instructable and it's the only thing I can think of to make one on at the moment.):[)



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    At my School we call it "neck no options" and if you see the circle you have to try to say "self serve" and slap your own neck before they say "neck no options" and slap your neck

    we used to play this in the early 90's. If you see the circle and could break it, you couldn't be hit. I had a much younger co-worker tell me that "my generation didn't play it right" That's kind of funny seeing it was generations previous to his that came up with this

    who is here becouse of ksi new video

    Where I am, we play this all the time, but slightly more vulgar. The hand signal is the same but it has to be below your waist. Other than that, all rules are the same. We call it Ballgazer.

    I know, I am a horrible immature imbecile.

    The best of us are

    Me and my friends play something like this. But we do it where if someone puts there hands on there head like a moose then says your name and you turn around and look at them. They get to slap you :)

    me and my friends play this, but the circle has to go above the knee and below the waust and if some one looks you say 'ball gazer' and hit them.

    This is a great game for all ages indeed! My friends and I are sadly way to old to behave like buffoons in public and not be stared at by everyone around us. So if you choose to continue playing this into your adult years as we have be prepared to get the odd look from those who have decide to cast off their much more enjoyable youth for the drones of adult pleasures like obscure jealousy toward others unwillingness to conform. Note: this is great for business meetings but it is best to tally during the meeting and dole out the beatings in the privacy of your office.

     Everybody plays this game in my School. I hate it!

    This game is great! All my friends and I used to play this when i was in school. ah! the memories. but we had two extra rules. #1, when you show someone the circle, if they are fast enough, and they poke their finger into and then out of your circle, then they get to reverse the score. i.e. they get to hit you, TWICE. #2, when you show the circle, and someone tries to poke their finger into your circle to reverse the score, and you are quick, you can grab their finger. if you do this, then you get to double reverse the score. i.e. you get to hit them THREE TIMES