Finger Trap!!!





Introduction: Finger Trap!!!

how to defeat them you will learn.(yota)

Step 1: Getting Loose.

take your middle finger and thumb on both ends and grab the finger trap and try to slide your fingers out just a little.

Step 2: The Final Escape

pull your fingers out the rest of the way.

Step 3: Show Off Time!

in the picture that you see below, you can show to your friends and amaze them!



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    Please! Never explain how to get out!

    It'd be less fun!


    I don't know any other way of approaching this so here. I am 15 and in my freshman year at High school. I apologize for the awkwardness of my comments and bad Instructables. I was 10-11 years old at the time and i guess we are all kind of like that at that age. Thanks!

    i know i call myself a geek and im proud of it. it means im smart, and ive had 3 hot girlfriends in 4th grade

    Had. Past tense.

    maybe we should call the police on the pedo with 4th grade girlfriends

    well actually four years. I'm in High school now. Freshman year.

    geeks dont have girlfriends unless they are me :D

    I agree, you can't call yourself a geek if you can't properly quote Monty Python or Star Wars


    Niep! Niep! Niep! Niep! Niep!

    ...Very easy to do. You can actually just push your fingers together, then slide them out.

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    thats right but i wanted to sound smart. (dont tell nobody)


    this thing is funny, try putting onr in your teacher finger :)

    im in enough trouble with her already

    This is wrong, you just have to pull harder! JK :) Nice instructable!