ok this is the finished reactor be in mind i am only thirteen this is my best. please no rude comments. :)
nice dude congrats nd keep it up
So does it power anything?<br>
&nbsp;hey everybody my name is john i am jm121 my old account got banned i dont remember why but i am going to be making some more props from iron man 2 so check out my account
nice job.......if you dont already try using pepakura <br /> <br /> download it for free and ill give you the password
Pepakura is not a wise choice for small props. You're best off finding the parts and putting them together. The amount of detail that goes into a small prop would lead to a ton of little pieces to cut out with complex folds.<br />
&quot;this is my best. please no rude comments&quot; are you kidding me&nbsp;this is friggin' amazing
wow. thats the most accurate one that ive ever seen.show how u made it.
just because you 13 doesnt mean you suck at stuff or need pity.
NICE, what are the steps and the supplies to make one??
yo this is awsome i want to make it but i dont now were to get the things :( youre very good though :)
Is there a simpler way to make this?
I'm about 10 years older than You and am still <strong>amazed</strong> by the thing! Great job! :D Keep it up.<br/>
I like your arc reactor a lot! Here are some pix of my outfit and my girlfriend dressed as Pepper Potts.
Its pro. I want to make one :D p.s. I'm fifteen
its awsome
will buy
where u get the plastic ring from
how did u make it
nice work
soon i will have the final pics
Very nice, especially when it's in the glass box <sup></sup> Only 13 and you're already a pro <sup></sup> good job ! <br/>
glass box is a screencap from the movie
yeah the glass box is the prop i did not make that one mine has a black outside i spray painted it silver
this was very well made good job though the wires in the ar reactor could be a bit more tigh and closer together to have the overal neat look p.s im thirteen too

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