Finished Arc Reactor.


Introduction: Finished Arc Reactor.

ok this is the finished reactor be in mind i am only thirteen this is my best. please no rude comments. :)



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    nice dude congrats nd keep it up

    So does it power anything?

     hey everybody my name is john i am jm121 my old account got banned i dont remember why but i am going to be making some more props from iron man 2 so check out my account

    nice job.......if you dont already try using pepakura

    download it for free and ill give you the password

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    Pepakura is not a wise choice for small props. You're best off finding the parts and putting them together. The amount of detail that goes into a small prop would lead to a ton of little pieces to cut out with complex folds.

    "this is my best. please no rude comments" are you kidding me this is friggin' amazing

    wow. thats the most accurate one that ive ever how u made it.

    just because you 13 doesnt mean you suck at stuff or need pity.

    NICE, what are the steps and the supplies to make one??

    yo this is awsome i want to make it but i dont now were to get the things :( youre very good though :)

    Is there a simpler way to make this?

    I'm about 10 years older than You and am still amazed by the thing! Great job! :D Keep it up.

    I like your arc reactor a lot! Here are some pix of my outfit and my girlfriend dressed as Pepper Potts.


    Its pro. I want to make one :D p.s. I'm fifteen

    where u get the plastic ring from