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 well i just started workin on it again i have been really busy lately  so here it is hope u like wat i've done if u have any suggestions just leave a comment thanks


~KGB~ (author)2010-04-16

looks good so far!

Seleziona (author)2010-04-15

I thought you destroyed this project!

knexfreak95 (author)Seleziona2010-04-15

 if u rad tht instructable u would see i said i was able to save it u like it

Seleziona (author)knexfreak952010-04-15

Yes i like it!

182515 (author)2010-04-15

Looks good! but i think that it looks a bit to "skeletal" if you know what i mean

knexfreak95 (author)1825152010-04-15

 yeah as i add i strengthen and it still has more paths too thanks for the comment

TSC (author)2010-04-15

Sweet!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!!!!!!!

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-04-15

i agree with mr muggle

Mr. Muggle (author)2010-04-14

looks pretty nice so far!

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