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 well the weather here is very crappy so i have been working on and off for lke a day and heres what i've done so far


Shadowman39 (author)2010-02-25

Cool! I see you used my curving stairs element. ;-) Your basement looks pretty big.

Pizzapie500 (author)Shadowman392010-02-25

...My basement is double the size of his basement lol (from what I can see)! Anyway your curving stairs is awesome! If I make a ball machine I'll definitely use that element and your stair lift!

Shadowman39 (author)Pizzapie5002010-02-28

Cool, thanks!

knexfreak95 (author)Shadowman392010-02-25

 yeah but there are many obstacles and thanks i really liked the curving stairs

KnexFreek (author)2010-02-21

 Nice! keep going!!!!

~KGB~ (author)2010-02-21

nice one!

DJ Radio (author)2010-02-21

If you built the machine indoors why would the weather affect your progress?

Mr. Muggle (author)DJ Radio2010-02-21

he means: when the weather is bad he doesn't go outside which means he has been working on it alot

knexfreak95 (author)2010-02-21

 cause i have nothing to do with freinds outside so i have been working on this more

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