Introduction: Fireball

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this is a instructable showing how to make a fireball that doesnt hurt you

Step 1: Collect Everything You Need.

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100% cotton cloth(if it isn't cotton the cloth will burn)
cotton string ( actually normal string that is used to sew are cotton)
lighter fuel

thats all now lets get started

Step 2: Rolling the Cloth to a Ball

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first cut out a stripe of cloth which is 2 x 5 inch
now roll the cloth to a ball

Step 3:

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now take 5 foot of string and needle it around the ball

Step 4:

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now take the lighter fuel and soak the ball in it.lighter fuel is absorbed to the ball very not over fill the ball cause they will get on your hands and they will light up also

Step 5: Finished

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now you are finished and ready to light it


Rob K (author)2008-10-02

all you did was take screen shots of iLikeCoolStuf video.
How to Make Fire Balls! Really Cool! (video)

yashfau (author)Rob K2011-01-27

yeah i agree.. i didnt tell anyone that this is my idea or i did this.

iLikeCoolStuf (author)2009-01-30

Hey you at least give me credits

yashfau (author)iLikeCoolStuf2011-01-27

i am new to this. how do i give credits ? .. and sorry for this late reply. i havent been on this much! . and yes everyone .. it was his video. i never said it was mine :)

Wasagi (author)2009-03-23


swordf1zh (author)2008-10-07

it's better to use alcohol instead of lighter fuel, it won't hurt you, it's not greasy and the smell is better -it's also greener ;)

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