Step 5: Shaping and varnishing

Picture of shaping and varnishing


the shaping is probably one of the easiest steps in building the boomerang .you need to make it look like an airplane wing .a tear drop on its side with a flat edge is a simple way to explain it without seeing a picture .use the spoke shaver to rough out your shape and further refine it using the micro plane and then the palm sander working down from 80 grit to 250


this to is an easy step .once you have finished your shaping and done your final sanding with the 250 grit paper .you need to seal it so the wood doesn't discolor or warp from absorbing moisture in the air .what finish you decide to put on the boomerang .you should read the instructions and follow them .one trick i've learned about varnishing is that you want to put on a first coat .lightly sand and then do your final varnishing and you will have a perfect finish

skyhi19945 years ago
will this thing actualy work?
somebullcrap (author)  skyhi19945 years ago
yes it does