Firework Artillery Shell Bazooka





Introduction: Firework Artillery Shell Bazooka

I have always looked all over the internet for plans to build one of these... but I have never seen any. so I built one! a breech-loading one!!!!

here is a vid and here is another one poor quality though...

sorry you cannot see the bazooka in the video,it was the first test and i did not hold it so that it could blow my head off!!! lol (now I hold it)

Step 1: Step 1

you need:
1.artillery shells
2.4&1/2 ft. of pvc pipe
4.skill saw

Step 2: Converting Launch Tube

first cut a hole in the launch tube for the breech.Then shave off some of the cardboard from the top so you still have to jam it into the pipe but it will not damage it.(about 1 1/2 in) (see picture) Then shave off some for the breech cover about 5 in. or more.

Step 3: Finishing

saw off the 1/2 ft. of the pvc pipe and use it as a breech cover leave the fuse out and light it.Then close the breech asap!!!! not a good idea to hold it! use as a cannon i am not responsable for u killing yourself!!! the end.

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    @kildevilfox try using an electricity powered mechanism use a small battery and have an electric bolt jump on the fuse safer and more reliable than butane

    Thats awesome but scary. Have you had it blow up in the tube?

    well if u have a 2 in. pvc pipe with the artillary tube attached to the fitting it would just launch the artillary tube off while the artillary shell is no flying sharpnel......and this was to the people complaining about flying sharpnel of pvc


    thanks for telling these morons.... i was getting kinda po'd at them for thinking i was shooting it out of a pvc pipe, when clearly i am not

    I'm working on a muzzel-loading one myself, but the hard part is putting together a reusable fuseless firing mechanism so I can just load, aim, and pull the trigger to fire. Mine is going to be using Excallibur brand canister shells so I'm going with 2 in. 80 wall (.25 in.) steel pipe. The current firing design is a trigger with a relay going to a butane torch lighter installed in the back cap with a shutter valve to close off the lighter when the charge ignites, but I'm still in the testing part.


    ya thanks man i was trying to tell these people lol .... because the pvc is 2" (duh) and the mortar is 1.70" so they fit together without much modding... and it works ok if you ask me. i was finally brave enough to try firing it from my shoulder and it worked fine.

    Wow thats probably one of the stupidest things I can think off doing with a firework besides standing over the mortar. Because of the stupidity in this video im going to assume you dont know anything about fireworks. Fireworks especially the crappy cheap ones which im assuming your using are very unreliable and unless you want large shards of pvc in your head dont try that.those shells are powerful enought to blow up a pvc tube if they malfunction. And the cardboard tube wouldnt really do anyhting it would build up more pressure eventually blow a hole threw the side or rip and blow your pvc pipe into your miniscule brain. P.S I consider this being nice because im saving you from getting hurt


    most of you say that the shell will blow up the pvc, then why do you think i made the breach out of cardboard tube?

    because when the shell goes off it is touching pvc and the inital shockwave from the shell shatters the pvc not a buildup of pressure hence the cardboard wouldn't have a chance to give before the pvc shattered when mine blew up it was maybe 6 in long and open on both ends