First Ever Oragami UFO!!





Introduction: First Ever Oragami UFO!!

The first ever oragami UFO. While just messing around with a piece of oragami paper, I randomly created this, UFO, thing... I'm not even sure what it is... I just call it a UFO.

Step 1: Yay...

this is very difficult... make a triangle. Match one corner to the one on the other side of the corner you grabbed and CREASE!!!!!

Step 2: Yahoo...

put one of the sides up to the tip of the triangle, repeat with other side.

Step 3: Yipee...

fold the tips of the open ends and fold them outward a bit to fold an elongated triangle, repeat with other flap.

Step 4:'re Done, How(not)exciting.

fold one of the sides toward the opening where you just did your last step, then take the tip of that, and fold it in the opposite direction(toward the fold you just made), about half the length of the fold you just made, repeat on other side, and YEER DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feel free to add anything you want to what you just made.



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    I actually think it looks cool. It doesn't have to fly... Like you could make an origami dog, but that doesn't mean it'll bark. I'll try this later c:

    This is the first 4 steps to make an oragami samurai hat

    seriously, i thought it will fly

    Even if it doesn't fly, U.F.O. could mean Unidentified FALLING Object...

    anything can be a ufo(unidentified flying object) as long as it flys and you don't know what it is =Þ

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    WoW Another pointless comment that i have read..................

    A. World of Warcraft? What?
    B. Then why did you read it...?

    thats your instructable

    i subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    : O my first subscriber!

    ........ does not answer his question.

    ok... no. but it spins like crazy.

    it flies as well as a paralyzed worm with lung cancer and acrophobia