Step 13: Ft Easter Rabbit Continued

Add an Angular Block 60 and an Angular Block 30 to the top face of the uppeor Building Block 30. Fix a pair of Couping 30s on the angular blocks to act as bunny ears.
I used that stuff in class before... we made an air compressor and tried to make a potato cannon out of a pen. it didn't work.
hmm, i find it intresting that you use the ft pieces to design. most people use ft to make circuts. any way, good job!
Thank you. I develop engineering and robotics curriculum for a living. These models are fun side projects!
wow! sounds fun, I wondered what you would do for a living if you made little things out of ft. p.s. finally, someone else has numbers in there name!
Cool! I think I used to have some fischertechnik stuff... lost it though. =P<br/>

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