This was my project for the Instructables Gift Exchange!

(The author this gift was designed for belongs to a "scorpion hunting club".  Sending an original model of a scorpion seemed to be the perfect author gift!)

Note: Images created in MLCAD/POV-RAY.

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Parts

To construct the scorpion, you will need the following:
12  Angular Block 30 degrees
18  Angular Block 60 Degrees
10  Building Block 15
8    Building Block 30
2    Building Plate 15x30x5 with 3 Grooves
1    Link 30

fischertechnik parts are available online through their website, or can be hunted down at ebay and other websites.
<p>what application is used to create 3D design fischertechnik ?</p>
<p>I used MLCAD with a ft library. -Richard</p>

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