Picture of fischertechnik Valentine's Heart
My vision was to create a Valentine's Heart using fischertechnik elements.

I play with different educational manipulatives for a living. (Visit www.weirdrichard.com). Over the years I have built holiday themed models using all sorts of toys. This instructable will describe how to create a fischertechnik Heart for a Valentine!

Why a heart? Hearts are associated with Valentine's Day as a symbol of love. There are many theories as to why the common symbol of a Valentine's Heart is depicted as it is....but the shape is associated with the holiday!

Note: The CAD looking images were generated by LDraw/MLCAD and a fischertechnik elements library.

Step 1: Gather Elements:

Picture of Gather Elements:
The fischertechnik elements are available from a range of kits available from ebay, Craig's List, or fischertechnik retailers. Elements can be purchased individually from www.fischertechnik.com.

The List:

9 Angular Block 60 Degrees
2 Angular Block 30 Degrees
1 Link 15
1 Bottom Plate 30x90
6 Building Block 30
6 Building Block 15
2 Building Block 7.5
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