Introduction: Fish-magnet

Picture of Fish-magnet

how to make an amazing fish magnet out of paper macheee

Step 1: Get News Paper

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get some news paper and  start shredding all of it, mix it with some water and put it on a blender

Step 2: Strain It

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starin the ground paper on a fabric

Step 3: Mix the Pulp

Picture of Mix the Pulp

mix the paper pulp with glue and stir
add some powder cast and 2 spoon of PVA glue

Step 4: Cut the Cookie

Picture of Cut the Cookie

get some cookie cutter (a fish)
put some already mixed pulp on it and let it dry for about a week

Step 5: Sand It and Paint It

Picture of Sand It and Paint It

get them white painted

Step 6: Paint It With Nice Colors And..

Picture of Paint It With Nice Colors And..

get the fishes paint
and put some silicon glue with a magnet on
you can decorate your fridge with several of them
also you can varnish them for more durability

i hope you enjoy it


hraza1 (author)2011-09-26

ur tutorial is ur fish craft... painted nicely..may i ask which paint u used? as they r giving glossy touch.

CarolinaHunrichse (author)hraza12011-09-26

I use schoolar paints , but finished with a polyurethane varnish

eburf (author)CarolinaHunrichse2014-11-11

what is schoolar paint?

Paulus44 (author)2012-12-12

Just great. I go do that with my kids. I know about paper mache but sometimes i need some nice ideas and you gave me some.

Thanks again

thanks to you.

hraza1 (author)2011-09-26

any supplement for powder cast?

and do we have to use both glue and pva glue?

CarolinaHunrichse (author)hraza12011-09-26

you may not use the cast, but it takes longer to dry
I prefer to use my flour-based glue because it is more docile and PVA glue sticks more to the paper pulp

Art for life (author)2011-09-23

Adorable cute lil charms:)
can you please elaborate on how you got the "smooth" finish?
Also, it would be great if you can share your paper pulp recipe with more details:)

to get the smooth finish i sand the paper mache fishes with a plank of wood with sandpaper glued to it.
You can cover the flaws with plaster and sanded again.

The paper recipe is very simple, you can start testing the consistency and add more glue, plaster or pva glue as you want.

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