Introduction: Fisheye Digital Contact Print Film Camera ,steampunk Flavour

Picture of Fisheye Digital Contact Print Film Camera ,steampunk Flavour

sorry not many pictures,of analigital camera that i struggle to explain how let alone why.its neither digital or analogue. its pal. basically its a car reversing camera setup inside a camera that retains its film transport system, i read on t'net it couldnt work so i tried it and it nearly works, results at end, this cam still needs tweaking to reduce brightness further , its got a dial for it but it doesnt do it enough

Step 1: The Cameras Power Regulator Faild Lucky a in Car Phone Carger Bridged Tghe Gap

Picture of The Cameras Power Regulator Faild Lucky a in Car Phone Carger Bridged Tghe Gap

Step 2: It Got Messy Inside This One

Picture of It Got Messy Inside This One

Step 3: Details

Picture of Details

spyhole viewfinder and video out

Step 4: 12v Cameras Need 12 Volts

Picture of 12v Cameras Need 12 Volts

Step 5: Yes It Runs on Film

Picture of Yes It Runs on  Film

screen only light up when shutter pressed or locked down, colour changing power light is annoying

Step 6: Control Panel

Picture of Control Panel

normal mode or mirror mode
video out mode or video in mode
external power friendly

Step 7: Results

Picture of Results

servere photoshop to lessen exposure and regain colour balence

Step 8: Later Additions

Picture of Later Additions

increased resistance so screen not as bright, added foam inside to counter any possible light flooding the film compartment. ok so the screen was looking really washed out even with the resistance removed.i guess somethings up with the screen ,and im not about to replace it ,

Step 9: Changing the Polarising Layer

Picture of Changing the Polarising Layer

a small brush with petrol and a razor blade removed the polarizing layer, like a sticker, being careful not to damage the thin glass screen, i did it with the screen on so i could see colour distortions indicating strain on the screen,

luckily enough i have a collection of polarizing layers , it appears that they are not all the same, really its not just turn it 90 degrees, anyway i selected the darkest one with the best contrast,
even tho the image is reversed colours i guess i will get something interesting with colour reversal film. a few dobs of epoxy along the edges hold the thing in place, now looking at the screen at steep viewing angles it goes black insted of white ,hope i get better pictures, ha right


amandaghassaei (author)2012-10-01

looks really cool, do you think you could post a little more info about the modifications you did?

crazyg (author)amandaghassaei2012-12-19

yet more modifications today,(step 8 and 9) will test roll soon

crazyg (author)amandaghassaei2012-10-02

did some annotations onmy pics :-)

crazyg (author)amandaghassaei2012-10-01

yes i will but now i have to go to bed, will rereply when addified , any thing in particular? have been beefing up instructions on most of my instbles, never quite sure what people want to know , remembering what i did takes a bit , contiguous and continuous memory system going on.

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