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Introduction: (five) 五

028.(five)The knife is handcrafted from 1/8" steel by the stock removal method.  The overall length of the knife is 10" with the blade measuring  5 1/2".  Decorative milling was done on the blade with high speed drill bits, and the handle is made from a unknown salvaged  hardwood, with 1/8" fluted brazing rod used for the rivets.

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    how exactly is this spam? i think it is pretty dang good! who cares if he don't tell you how he made it. its still an awesome knife and I'm glad he shared it. I ain't too crazy about the handle, but the blade is phenomenal!!! Awesome work as always wazit.

    Explained how it was made...good ible...not spam keep it up

    Great work.. I've seen many of your knifes at the house but i didn't get to look at this one.. Awesome job!!! Love the half handle...

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    I guess you may call it "SPAM" as I did not give construction steps, but you can look at Yin and Yang, they were made by stock removal the same as this knife. I currently have "The Second Set of Twins" in the works and I intend to give a step by step. If you have any questions I will be happy to reply.

    Thank you it is the first knife I tried with out a "full Handle"

    I dig the design,

    were off set holes part of the design?

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    thanks, yeas the offset was part of the design

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