Fix work jeans ,knee patch,no machine no pins no re seaming ! magic

Picture of fix work jeans ,knee patch,no machine no pins no re seaming ! magic
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safety notice , this activity involves pointy things and thread. keep animals and children out the area.

        ever seen a cat chase a bit of string?


i mostly do photography instructables,this my first time in the sewing box , if this is really hum drum then i apologize.
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Step 1: Inadequet tools fail

Picture of inadequet tools fail
you dont want to be using a sewing kit from a christmas cracker from 1985, these are work jeans not a wobbley button on a shirt.

needle . leather working type. they accept strong thread and the point is a bit wider than the end with the hole.

waxed button thread is good, strong and knots stay tied with it.

beading thread is better. its for (i guess) making necklaces and wot not. its also nylon so using a lighter it melts you then can pinch and pull the end making a very thin solid slither to poke through the needle , e z .

some patch material

a sponge

multipurpose spray adhesive

super glue



Step 2: A sponge?

Picture of a sponge?
stuff said sponge into the leg so it sits behind the hole. it keeps the back of the leg away from the bit your working on ,you do not want to sew the leg shut, if you sew a bit into the sponge its ok cos sponge tears easily.

Step 3: Magic invisible pins

Picture of magic invisible pins
trim any annoying flappy bits off. then spray glue around the hole(hope this will discourage further fraying), depending on your patch material you can spray the back of the patch and stick it on(avoid the middle sticky knee), if your patch material is thin you can spray it then fold it then spray again and then stick it on.

i had a thin patch and a thick patch

Step 4: Tidy edges

Picture of tidy edges
for the thick patch i tucked the edge under the remaining spray glue helps make the crease. only bother folding one edge , the one your gonna sew. then the next and sew that..