Iv had my inspiron e1505 for about a year and the screen has started to wobble with the slightest touch. I noticed one of the small stickers that hides the screws had fallen off with closer inspection i noticed the screw was holding down a part of the screen hinge and it was lose. I quickly realized this was the source of the problem. I also noticed 3 other screws were lose.

Step 1: locate screws and determen if they are the sorse of the problem

if you have an dell inspiron e1505 the 4 screws are on the back next to the fan intake/exhaust vent and next to the charger hole these two should be under little stickers, peel them off. shake screen and see if the screws move in and out. (see vid/pics) the other 2 screws are on the back of laptop close the the other 2 screws they will not be covered.
sorry for poor video youtube decreased resolution

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